With so many plant breeders, hunters and enthusiasts in action around the world, it’s no wonder there are so many new plants introduced each year. Tesselaar Plants trial each of their potential new plants rigorously, and in many locations around the world, so any new plant from them can quickly become a worldwide sensation!

Here are 3 of the latest new kids on the block!
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Daphne Perfume Princess™

It’s only by luck that we can enjoy this fantastic Daphne in our gardens, as it narrowly avoided the compost heap! Plant Breeder, Mark Jury had been experimenting with the Daphne genus for many years, and he left a few seedlings around the back of the cold frame, forgotten. I’m sure we’ve all got plants like that in our garden! I’ve heard it was even in its pot and tipped over on its side, just weeks away from composting.

Then, he noticed the difference with this Daphne. It was flowering its heart out, despite the hostile conditions it was sitting in. How was this even so? Daphne are notorious for being garden divas. They often take their time to establish and can be super fussy about their conditions, and how and when they decide to flower.

This Daphne had indeed evolved, and its resilience makes it the garden plant it is today. ‘Perfume Princess’ will grow in most well-drained soils, and the rounded, manageable habit means it’s a star in the border, or on the patio. And, those flowers, they clothe the stem as they appear from most leaf joints, giving the rather surprising appearance of a Hollyhock!

Alstroemeria Rock and Roll®

I love it when a new plant challenges beliefs, and almost demands a new classification! Alstroemeria ‘Rock and Roll’ did just that with a shocking new look for the Peruvian Lily family. It was a look that suggested it might work as a bedding plant, as well carrying out its usual border duties!

Alstroemeria are sometimes overlooked, but that’s utter madness, as they offer SO much to the home gardener. They flower for months on end, but with ‘Rock and Roll’, even when not flowering, that striking foliage is going to keep you entertained! They make great cut flowers too, and the types you can grow at home are ultimately much more colourful than shop-bought bunches. ‘Rock and Roll’ is no different, with orchid-like blossoms.

The foliage is also very stable, meaning it will always have those cream stripes (known as variegation). Some variegated plants can revert back to full green, but that’s not the case with this beauty, in fact 99 plants out of 100 will have cream-striped leaves. What a refreshing plant for a mixed bedding scheme; blend this new kid with the petunias and begonias and see how they react!!

Rose Sweet Spot® Series

The ‘Sweet Spot’ Roses manage to maintain a vintage feel, but have a very modern behaviour. The dog rose-inspired flowers are borne on ground covering plants, which offer continuous- NOT just repeat- flowering. ‘Calypso’ is the poster boy for this fantastic Rose range, and the blooms of this one actually change through a kaleidoscope of colours too. Utterly divine!

You’ll notice that it’s so versatile too. This Rose can be used in patio containers, but not just the usual types. Try growing in wicker-effect containers, zinc or something a bit different to the usual terracotta. The stems billow out rather than hang, so will neatly cover the edges of the container without flopping down in an untidy manner.

You can start to understand why they call this the ‘Decorator Rose’; the way you use it in the garden is like a paintbrush, painting over the brown of the soil with a rainbow of colours!


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