Want to add some colour to your living space, or improve the air quality indoors? This handy infographic by Comfort Insurance highlights the best plants that can be kept indoors, or if you’re a motorhome/caravan owner; they can come on the road with you without the need for constant watering.

These indoor plants are relatively low maintenance, but can reduce the number of toxins in the air, release oxygen and brighten up a space.

Plants you can keep in a motorhome



Ideal plants to keep in your motorhome, courtesy of Comfort Insurance

  • I’ve been considering this recently because I’ll be living full time in my motorhome and wanted to think of ways of making it ‘homely’. I love my little potted plants and thought I would have to give them away.

    Do you good people actually keep plants in your motorhome?

    Are they fixed to something or just brought out when the vehicle is stationery?

    July 22, 2017

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