Houseplants are bang on trend right now! Check out the hashtags #urbanjunglebloggers or #jungalow on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean! Unlike wallpapers and furnishings, you can move them around easier and more often too, transforming your living interior at your every whim!

Once treated with indifference in the home, houseplants are now cherished and cared for. In fact, I’ve seen many couples lovingly choosing their first houseplant in some of the indoor plant stores that have sprung up around the country.

There’s now an exciting, convenient way to start off in the world of houseplants without even leaving the comfort of your armchair though! Introducing the Bloombox Club Indoor Plants Subscription! Each season, a new houseplant is delivered to you in tip-top condition, and with it’s own decorative pot. With the help of a detailed care card, you can also make sure your plant goes into just the right room. Soon, you’ll be living in a ‘jungalow’ too!

Here’s a gallery of some of the hottest houseplants right now!

Now, you have the chance to win a taster box from the very popular Indoor Plants Subscription by Bloombox Club! This box is worth £35.00! You’ll receive a new houseplant every quarter, with it’s own decorative outer pot! You can even have your plants delivered on a Saturday!

Enter the giveaway now!

Don’t forget, Bloombox club offer subscription boxes for your outdoor space too!
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