Are you finding it a struggle to keep your outdoor plants going in the current hot weather?  Here are 3 tips for your containerised plants:

1. Water in the evening, just before bed time. You will find it easier when the temperatures have dropped. Your plants will take up water better overnight.

2. Is something really dry ? Add a small amount of washing-up liquid to the watering can. Yes, you get lots of bubbles, but it helps the water soak into the soil instead of just running right through and out the bottom. (Also, beware potting composts that are very high peat content – they tend to shrink when they get dry and can be hard to get wet again). The washing-up liquid also has a residual effect and will help you keep pots from drying out quite so quickly for a week or two!

3. Before you go to work in the morning, just splash a few cans of water on the ground around your pots. This helps to reduce temperatures and increase humidity. You can also do this during the day, as watering over foliage in the bright sun can lead to foliage damage.

Oh, and wear a shirt (including you ladies), wear a hat and use some sun cream. OK?

This short article was contributed by Graham Spencer, CEO of Plants for Europe, a company working with plant breeders to bring their plants to market. He runs a varied trial garden in the heart of England, and knows the importance of keeping his plants as happy as they can be!

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