It’s super important to know you’re growing a plant that will perform. However, you can be utterly sure of that with Tesselaar Plants! I have never known a company run such extensive trials- worldwide- and put so much into their decision to sell a plant to you. This means the plants they release are suitable for growing in most locations around the world, and they’ll have a range of features that make them bullet-proof; with disease resistance, drought tolerance, long flowering, vigorous growth, or all 4!

Here are 3 of those plants, and you’ll find they really do look after themselves…!

1. Cordyline Festival™ Series

It’s common to go on your holiday and arrive home with the blues. You’ll have seen such exotic sights, and likely a few plants that you’re not used to seeing in your home country. However, ‘Festival’ Cordylines are one such exotic that you CAN grow in a range of locations. They may look super fancy, but they don’t need any special care!

Cordyline as a genus are tough, drought tolerant and really versatile! The Festival Series are only 75cm tall too, so can work as ground cover in almost any area. They’ll grow in sun or shade, yet better colour can be achieved on coloured leaf types when grown in shade. They need very little water, they don’t need pruning or tidying, and pests seldom attack the plants. I think that qualifies as ‘being able to look after itself’, don’t you think??

2. Begonia Bonfire™

I’m a huge fan of Begonias, and they’re more versatile than one might first imagine. Commonly known as shade lovers, you’ll find ‘Bonfire’- unlike others- will thrive in a sunny spot. Although, don’t forget how useful they can be in those shady corners, it will be like switching a light on in a dark corner! The only other basket plant that loves shade is the Fuchsia.

Begonias also flower really well come rain or shine, and in fact a downpour of rain just means the plants will gain a gorgeous shimmer and shine, highlighting this beacon of beauty. And, the flowers? Gosh, we didn’t even mention those yet. BRIGHT red to orange and coming from early summer until the first frosts. Plus, the plants are self-cleaning; spent blossoms just fall to the ground, meaning you only need to sweep them up, rather than the fussy deadheading a Petunia often needs!!

3. Agapanthus Storm™

Agapanthus won’t just look after themselves, but they’ll lock in the structure of your soil too, and prevent soil erosion really well. They ask almost nothing in return- they are drought tolerant, and flower even better when the roots are restricted. They are much loved by landscapers for their low maintenance and year on year performance, but can also do a great job for the home gardener.

Grow in slightly shady borders, they’re actually ideal under trees, where the soil is less fertile, as their needs are so little. Equally, when grown in containers, they’ll flower remarkably well, due to that root restriction. Try one either side of the front door for a change from Bay Trees and Box!

The range of plants featured in this article are from the award winning selection of plants by Anthony Tesselaar Plants. You can find their varieties in many retail and mail order locations around the world.


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  • Diane roberts

    Hi micheal i had a red spider plant it died with the bad weather is it better to plant it in a pot instead of the ground??

    February 10, 2019

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