Britain’s Best Lawn awarded.. and only takes 30 hours a week to achieve!

Stuart Grindle and his Doncaster lawn have been announced as the winner of Britain’s Best Lawn 2017.

During the height of the mowing season, Stuart can be found tending to his lawn twice a day, three times a week. His lawn, and it’s meticulous edging, takes approximately an hour each time! But, I think you’ll agree, it’s well worth it!

Stuart has become a lawn expert and has his regime perfected; with scarifying, aerating and over-seeding all taking place through the season. He keeps his lawn at 5mm, giving a carpet finish, surrounded by immaculate borders of colourful plants.

The competition, sponsored by EGO Power+ is now in its 12th year and celebrates passionate gardeners and their achievements! Stuart will also receive a lawnmower and multi-tool, both powered by EGO’s arc-lithium battery which is the most powerful and technologically advanced in the industry.

The only thing that makes Stuart leave his garden? “My wife telling me it’s time to stop each day”!

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  1. Nice lawn but if it takes 30 hours a week you’re doing it wrong and you’ve got far too much time on your hands!

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