With some shops and restaurants being unaware of the correct needs of indoor plants, it’s likely that this current trend could fade out once more. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of very amazing plant lovers who are doing well with their new green world, but those high street stores and restaurants are often setting a bad example!

Read more about my weekend of unhappiness here!

But, remember, it’s very likely that shop and restaurant owners may not know the different between happy and unhappy plants. Be kind and help them, and the plants.

If you see a plant in need follow the ‘Plant SOS’ plan:

  1. Speak up. It might sound dramatic, but perhaps ask to speak to the Manager of the store. I am sure they’d want their premises to look as inviting as possible, and not have tables adorned with browning plants.
  2. Offer advice. It may be as simple as reminding staff to water the plants in store, or suggesting a slightly better location for them to be placed in.
  3. Save the plant. If you need to, offer to take the plant with you and give it a loving home! But, make sure you always ask the store owner first!

Share it with us. I know we all care about these unhappy plants, so we need to do what we can to highlight their plight. When you spot a sad plant in a public place, tweet (OR Instagram) it and tag @mr_plantgeek, including the hashtag #PlantSOS, like below:

Happy Plant Saving!

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