Have you heard about the 22 pound carrot unearthed by Minnesota gardener, Chris Qualley? The orange tangled mess has actually landed him into the Guinness World Records! Chris Qualley had grown the world’s heaviest carrot, weighing in at an eye-watering 22.4 pounds (10.1kg)! The previous record holder is Peter Glazebrook, from Newark, in the UK, whose 20-pound (9.07kg) carrot earned the Guinness World Record in 2014.

Chris credits his monster growing success to soil, seeds and a lot of luck. “Don’t get me wrong, I dump a lot of fertilizer,” Qualley joked. “But the weather this summer has been somewhat cool and cloudy, the perfect growing conditions for a carrot”..

Chris Qualley with his 22.4 pound carrot!

But, what can you do with a carrot of that size…?? I asked Giant Vegetable Expert, Kevin Fortey what he’d do with this vitamin-packed monster!


Kev’s website is ace, and may well convince you to grow your own giant vegetable! Browse it here.


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