Have you heard of flat-lay? It’s all over Instagram right now, and it’s actually super simple to do. It’s just the action of laying out some materials neatly, and then taking the photo from above. The result is usually totally lovely, and attracts lots of likes!

You do have to be a little creative though, it’s not like you can just tumble a few items onto a wooden table and then take a snap. Check out the recent blog written by the ‘Leaf Queen of Instagram’, Silver Pebble.

When creating a flat-lay, take a bit of time to lay each item out nicely, and think of colour themes and flow too. Consider your background too. Rustic always does well! A similar method is ‘knolling’, again taken from above but with every item set out in regimented lines.

Why not have a go yourself- here’s 10 posts that should inspire you!

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couple of flat lays 💐

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