As many of you will know, I have a fair few tattoos, most of them botanicla! Believe or not, I am only half-way in my tattoo journey and my sleeves still have a lot of development to be done, the plant geek that I am.

In honour of the botanical tattoo, this week’s Instagram Plant Spy is looking at some of the wonderful floral tattoo work from around the world. If you’ve got a botanical/flower tattoo, show me, I want to see it! Don’t be shy.

  1. Pansies!


2. Coffee Tree!

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Muito Obrigado AndrΓ©! #CALMA

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3. Sunflowers!


4. Meum!


5. Iris!


6. Lily!


7. Orchid!


8. Daffodils!


9. Roses!


10. Chrysanthemum!

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