Dried flowers were popular in the 80’s! I have so many memories of wicker baskets full of their faded blooms. Let’s be honest, they became a bit passé though, and any that are still present will no doubt be covered in dust.

But, thanks to the horti-revival, there are many new hands creating wonderful dried flower displays. Preservation techniques have advanced too, so they look better for longer.

Here are 10 of the coolest dried flower creations from Instagram!


Rainbow flower party!


How about a Pampas Grass wreath??


Dried bunches of Cotton


Variety of naturally-drying flowers!



Twinkly Hydangeas!



The flower of the 80’s; Helichrysum (Bracteantha now…)


Cute way of drying your flowers!


Drying Marigolds between the pages of a good novel



Air-drying fresh roses



Richly fragrant Lavender!


Lovely bunch of Echinops and Lavender!

  • When I was in Montara part time back in the 80s, straw flowers were grown on a few acres to the east, in the same area as all the callas and other cut flower crops that Diego Rivera painted so long ago.

    November 10, 2017

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