Instagram is always alight with the next big thing, and we hope you’ve spotted the trend in edible flowers too. Intriguing, fun and full of flavours from citrus to spice, edible blooms aren’t just good to look at, they’re good for your health too, with many containing a small vitamin punch! 


1. A very colourful, quick guide to what’s edible in the flower world!


2. How about a mix of Pansies on your shortbread?!


3. A mix of edible leaves and petals in lollipops!


4. Oh yum!


5. Rose petal-covered cake!


6. The perfect summer cocktail mixers!


7. Petal-dipped Lollies!


8. Tangy Hibiscus sabdariffa


9. These gonna make your mouth fizz!


10. Viola Porridge!





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