House plants: Best plants for your conservatory

Winter may be upon us, but house plants are a sure fire way to cheer up the decor in a room – especially an office.

ConservatoryBlinds4Less offer a huge variety of blinds – including Roman, thermal and pleated – perfect for your conservatory. Below, they give advice on the best house plants to add life to an otherwise dull office space, from size, to colour, to air purification benefits.

House plants for the office

Having an indoor plant in the office can be very helpful in improving your productivity, get those creative juices flowing and feeling energetic.

It is important to have a plant that does not need much care, as having such a plant can be counterproductive in that case. Lucky bamboo is considered ideal for desk spaces. It is quite small and does not take up much space, it can be bent into desirable shapes, and it is also believed to help us concentrate better.

You might want to gift one of these to your office pals.

House plants: All about colour

The colour red is believed to be energetic and stimulating. Therefore, red aglaonema could be perfect for your office desk to keep you going throughout the day.

Feeling energetic at work can help you perform your duties better. And since red aglaonema does not need much care, and a moderate amount of indirect sunlight, it should not be a problem for you.

However, this house plant grows best if watered regularly. But even if you do not water it for a few weeks, it does not die. This makes it suitable for those who work at multiple locations or buildings.

Get cleaner air using house plants

Peace lilies can also be an awesome plant for the office, as they need very little care or sunlight. These are an ideal choice for those who are often too busy to take up an additional responsibility.

Peace lilies purify the indoor air – and this is not a myth, but a NASA confirmed fact. If you are working in a big building which features air-conditioning, there might be some pollutants trapped indoors. This makes the peace lily’s natural filters quite helpful.

Did you know that the majesty palm can specifically improve our job satisfaction? No wonder we see them in all office buildings, hallways, and galleries.

Are you planning to get a plant for your workplace? Check out this infographic from ConservatoryBlinds4Less to learn about various plants that can be grown indoors and their benefits.

House plants: Best plants for your conservatory

House plants: Best plants for your conservatory

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