Win an ‘Instant Garden’ with Mr Plant Geek

It’s Mr Plant Geek’s 2nd birthday today, and to celebrate the launch of my brand new SHOP, I’m hosting a competition with a prize of a whopping BUMPER PACK of 54 perennial plants from Suttons – in total worth over £100.

All about this prize

Win your very own ‘Instant Garden’, consisting of 54 x 9cm pots- consisting of 18 different plants. This prize is perfect for those of you who are starting from scratch with their garden, or those that want to add to an already lush garden.

These perennial beauties will flower year after year, lighting up your garden with stunning colours. Whether you’ve planted them in your borders, or in patio plant pots, you’ll be able to admire your new acquisitions regardless. Don’t have a south-facing garden? No problem! You’ll find that these lovely plants will grow well in sun or in shade – making your life far easier!

The competition: How to enter

To be in with the chance of winning this competition, and being the lucky Plant Geek who gets to experience this amazing prize, just fill in the form below.

Closes Sunday 20 May at 8pm. UK followers are only eligible for play this time, sorry, but I am working on some future worldwide prizes, so keep your eyes peeled..

Good luck, and don’t forget to have a peek in the new SHOP!
(15% OFF all week with the code PLNTGK15)


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  1. Ann Lloyd says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for opportunity to enter your competition!

  2. Kevin Robson says:

    Happy birthday plant geek! Hope you have a plantastic day! 😀

  3. Nathan says:

    Happy blooming birthday! And the perfect prize to share growing success with you! 🌸😆

  4. David says:

    competition page not working

    1. Mr Plant Geek says:

      Have you tried a different browser?

    2. Mr Plant Geek says:

      Have you tried a different browser ?

    3. Mr Plant Geek says:

      Have you tried another browser ?

    4. Mr Plant Geek says:

      sorry you’ve had difficulties- please send me or email address by DM or send mail to to secure your entry

  5. Louise says:

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you will soon have a hosta tattoo too 🙂

    1. Mr Plant Geek says:

      Challenge me !

      1. I’d love to see one!! Loving your sleeve!

  7. cath holmes says:

    Thanks for the opportunity and a belated happy birthday.

  8. Jacqui Tory says:

    Hi happy birthday! – just moved house nothing in garden and had to give up allotment 🙁

  9. Steve west says:

    I don’t see why loving plants is associated with being geeky, but whatever, congratulations on being further down the line after 2 years. Good fortune for the future.

  10. Pink Mortar says:

    Blank canvas needs filling at my house!

  11. Linda Hughes says:

    Hi my birthday to Happy Birthday ❤️

  12. Teresa Largent says:

    Happy Birthday it’s also mine on Saturday

  13. Wendy Brown says:

    Happy birthday

  14. Valerie Bradley says:

    Happy birthday

  15. Garry Blunden says:

    Happy birthday, Sir Perry hehheee

  16. Lisa Troccoli says:

    Happy Birthday 🎁 fab competition thanks 😀

  17. Darren Lamb says:

    Doesn’t seem to work through Safari/Apple browser. I’ve entered twice or not at all :/

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