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Right now, you probably just reach for whatever coffee brand is on the supermarket shelf or in the chiller, even though it’s not that great.. I know how it can be, you’re used to the brand, and don’t want to risk trying anything else.. However, why not think out of the box when it comes to the nation’s second favourite drink, and you won’t even have to grow a beard and become a hipster..

iced coffee

BUT, FIRST, LET’S FIND OUT how is coffee made!

Coffee plants start off just the same as many other plants – a seed planted into soil. They’re usually grown in large beds and partially shaded from bright sunlight. Plants stay cosy there until they’re ready to be transferred to a larger bed to begin their coffee-producing life.

It takes a few years for plants to bear fruit, however once they do, they’ll produce panicles of fragrant, jasmine-like blooms, followed by a coffee cherry. Plants need copious amounts of water too, thousands of litres per season.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee

On a recent trek, I spent a morning walking through coffee plantations in Kerala, South India, where coffee cherries are harvested by hand. Machines simply aren’t practical, as the cherries along the stems ripen at different times. Plants can produce cherries for centuries too, but need to be kept low for ease of picking.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Red when ripe, the cherries are harvested and processed either by drying directly in the sun, or by the wet method, where the cherry pulp is removed and the bean is left to dry. Once dry, the beans are then milled, exported and then tested for taste and quality. From there, they’re roasted, ground, and ready for consumption! So whenever you’re drinking a coffee, just take a second to think about the journey it has been through…

iced coffee

Better coffee beans = better flavour

Most mass-produced coffee brands you find in big supermarkets or chain coffee shops use low grade beans from lots of different farms to keep costs down. So if that’s what you’re used to, it can seems like an orgasmic experience when you then try a higher quality coffee.

But, you know, it doesn’t have to be a luxury – you can have better coffee every day if you just shop around and choose your beans and brands carefully!

iced coffee

The Iced coffee movement

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee company have recently exploded onto the scene with their range of tasty Iced Coffees. Now, I’ve been drinking iced coffee overseas for year, but- as ever- it’s taken a few years for the UK to catch on! However, tastes are changing and it’s now becoming a staple summer refreshment, alongside Fanta and Sprite!

iced coffee

Jimmy’s use single origin Arabica beans from Rainforest Alliance certified farms in Huila, Colombia, meaning better beans and therefore a more lip-smacking flavour! ‘Single origin’ means that the beans are ethically sourced from just one farm or area, which keeps it pure and with distinctive flavour notes. If you’ve ever heard coffee experts talk about coffee like they do wine, they’re usually talking about single origin roasts. Delicious complex flavours that you won’t ever get in a greasy spoon cafe!

It’s not as expensive as you think

You’re probably used to the price of your everyday coffee, perhaps even dug from your jar of instant blend, and think anything more luxurious would cost more. Well, think again. If you’re an iced coffee fan, you’ll usually pay around £3.50, whilst a 300ml carton of iced coffee from Jimmy’s has an RRP of £1.60.

And, of course, it’s not as pretentious as you think either!

Cheaper, better tasting coffee can be available to everyone, and without waiting in line for a barista to make it for you, and then pour over ice.. And, you know, I just hate waiting for anything!

Brands like Jimmy’s Iced Coffee are encouraging coffee drinkers to get outside their comfort zones this summer and try the newest refreshing drink. Get out there and try something new, even if you’re on the go (or out in the garden, as I’ll be!)

To find out more about Jimmy’s amazing range of iced coffees, including their amazing skinny latte, mocha and dairy free oat latte options, you can visit their website here!

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