Festival Garden
Don’t fancy risking the English weather at one of the summer festivals? Then why not create your own festival in your outdoor space? Accessorise and choose the right plants to create your own relaxing chill out zone.


Props and plants to create that festival garden look

Festival garden


For borders, choose open, airy plants such as Foxgloves, Verbascum and grasses. Make sure you give all your senses a treat with carefully chosen specimens for fragrance, vivid colour and that relaxing rustling sound.


Festival garden


Beautify your garden further with solar lighting, rainproof bean bags, psychedelic patio containers, garden ornaments such as these pink flamingoes (below). Best of all, why not install a multi-use party pillar – giving heat, music and disco lights!


Festival garden

Overall, a festival-style garden is meant to feel fun and summery – the ideal setting for entertaining friends, or just chilling out with some music and Pimms! Do you have any other ideas on how to bring a festival look to your garden? Leave me a comment, if so!

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