Win a total balcony garden

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the problem of wanting a luscious, green garden and having your dreams dampened by your lack of space. It’s an all too common issue, especially if you live in urban areas – which many of you do! City gardening is oh so popular at the minute, and for good reason. The physical and mental health benefits are plenty. And with lots of options for small space gardening available, it’s easier than ever.

Small space gardening solutions

Win a total balcony garden

Lechuza has some great choices when it comes to small space gardening solutions. Their Cascada tower is ideal for when you want to host multiple plants in a very small area. With the ability to hold up to 13 plants, this tower features stacking planters to reach a height of 1.24m.

Win a total balcony garden

Use it as a flower tower, herb garden or even a multi-storey strawberry planter! It’s a really versatile product – and you can shorten it down to two planters if you don’t have enough height room for three.

Win a total balcony garden

Another great solution from Lechuza is their Balconissima planter. Designed to hang over a fence, rail or ledge, the Balconissima is perfect for saving floor space.

Win a total balcony garden

It can take up to three grow pots and features a wick irrigation system, so that your plants get the right amount of water for weeks! With a choice of three different colours and a sleek, minimal design, these planters don’t compromise on style, either.

Would you try out these amazing small space gardening products? Let me know your hacks for gardening in small spaces!

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