Mud & Bloom plant subscription box

There are those of us who like to appreciate plants from afar, and some who like to get our hands dirty. When it comes to kids, I think it’s safe to say that most of them prefer the latter. Hands up if you ever made mud pies when you were younger! While it’s easy to let your kids loose in the garden to explore, you might also approve of a more organised activity, in the form of a plant subscription box…

What are Mud & Bloom’s plant subscription boxes?

Mud & Bloom plant subscription box

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Mud & Bloom boxes are designed for 3 to 8 year olds and are delivered right to your door every month. Though it may just look like a cardboard box on the outside, the package contains exciting plant-related activities for you and your child to enjoy!

‘How to’ cards and materials are provided to help kids with fun garden projects. Past boxes have provided the opportunity to make a herb garden, summer flower vase and a ‘nature loom’. Each box is tailored to the time of year – so expect plenty of rainy day activities this coming autumn.

Gardening for the gardenless

Mud & Bloom plant subscription box

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You don’t even have to have a garden to get the full benefit of Mud & Bloom. As apartment life is becoming more and more popular, there are plenty of parents who want their kids to get in touch with nature but don’t have the facilities. This plant subscription box is a lovely little slice of nature for any child who shows a hint of a green finger.

Seeds are provided in each box, which you can easily plant into pots on a window sill. And, hey, if your little one really has a knack for gardening, maybe you can think about renting an allotment in your area!

Great for gifting

Mud & Bloom plant subscription box

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If you’ve got a lot of friends with kids, it can feel repetitive buying toys and clothes year after year. A plant subscription box makes a unique gift, which will be enjoyed not just on a birthday, but for many weeks, months or even years afterwards. The projects and materials can last or even sometimes be recycled, and the seeds will eventually grow into plants which, if looked after well, can continue growing on and on.

Mud & Bloom offer plans for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions, or you can buy a single box if needed.

Plants which are perfect for kids to grow
Mud & Bloom plant subscription box

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With the right knowledge, you can teach children to grow almost any plant! But there are a few which are ideal to start off with:

  • Sunflowers – this very happy plant will start to sprout from its planted seed within 10 days. They are best suited to an area with lots of sun and little wind.
  • Carrots – it’s actually easier to grow carrots in pots than it is to grow them in beds. You can grow baby carrots, as well as carrots of all different colours!
  • Tomatoes – these round, red fruits are ideal for windowsills or hanging baskets, and within two to three months you should have a harvest.

What do you think of Mud & Bloom’s plant subscription box idea? Would you love to introduce your children to gardening in this way?

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