What’s a Hyacinth? I think I recognise them, but aren’t they a bit old fashioned??

Stop that right now! Hyacinths are amazing, and a very rewarding spring bulb to grow. They are indeed mostly recognised for their strong fragrance, a fragrance which often sees them banished to the spare room after a week in the home! But, take a moment, and I’ll show you that there’s more to them than migraines and PVC pink.


Hyacinth beds

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How did the first Hyacinths look?

The ‘chunky candle’ Hyacinths that we now know are far removed from the original species, Hyacinthus orientalis. This spindly specimen calls the eastern Med its home (specifically south Turkey to northern Palestine) and has a measly 7 or 8 blooms on each stem. Today’s hybrids have more than 25!



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But, that’s not like the Hyacinths we know and love!

In the 18th century, Dutch growers were trading more than 2,000 varieties. Varieties that were so expertly bred that there weren’t any gaps between the florets, and the colour range expanded away from just blue.


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love


Who are they related to? Haven’t they got an unusual relative?

Can you believe that Hyacinths are related to Asparagus?! They are in a sub-family called Scilloideae. When you get up close, you can see that family resemblance… check it out!


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love

How popular are they nowadays?

Well, these days we can enjoy Hyacinths in almost every colour of the rainbow, and there’s even a black one too! Careful selection for extra petals has also given us double-flowered varieties, and there’s even a few striped ones too (although all is not what it seems with those… more on that later!)


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love


Where should I plant Hyacinths in the garden?

Hyacinths make excellent border and container plants, and will bloom quite early in the year, way before those lazy Tulips! Plant Hyacinth bulbs from September to October, and always start off with good quality bulbs, dry and free of mould. Drainage will be key to success, so mix some fine gravel into the soil before planting.

There will be NOTHING you need to do with your bulbs until spring, just leave them in situ. Once the weather begins to warm a little in February, they’ll bust through the soil with foliage crowns, housing that flower stem in the centre!


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love


Would they work well in combination with other bulbs?

YES! Well spotted. This is where Hyacinths come into their own. It could be expensive to plant up a huge border of Hyacinths (a la Keukenhof) but why not partner them with smaller, carpeting bulbs such as Anemones.

When planting your bulbs, your hyacinths will need to go much deeper than the Anemones (any bulb should be planted 3 times its own depth). You’ll find yourself planting them ‘lasagne style’… makes me hungry just thinking about that!


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love


And, how do I grow them as an indoor plant?

Easy! The key is to grow them cool. You can either start off your own bulbs at home, or buy a ready-made arrangement, often delivered whilst in bud!


Hyacinth in pot

Image c/o Pixabay


That’s fab, mine always get too leggy and smell SO strong though..

Ah, that’s because you need to grow them in cooler conditions. Indeed, the fragrance will be less pronounced in the cooler rooms of your home. And, a tip for keeping them stems straight, slip some wire down the middle!


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love


What else can I do with Hyacinths, how can I get creative?

Hyacinths make a great cut flower, and can bring the spring indoors for you! Make up a posy of your own, displaying it in your poshest vase, or just a simply jam jar!


Hyacinth vase

Image c/o Pixabay


I’ve seen one particular creation that I’m not sure about though..

Hmm, you may be right! These gift-boxed Hyacinth florets are pretty, but I’m not sure many people will pay for that. Always fun to see these ideas though.


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love


Oh, but hang on, have you seen those creations from North Holland??

Oh yessss! Every year, there’s an event called ‘bloemendagen’ held in Anna Paulowna, the heart of the bulb growing district. Growers and their families create the most amazing collages with fresh hyacinth florets. Isn’t it absolutely incredible!?!


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love


Oh, and do tell me about that famous BLACK variety..

Well, this is the big daddy! It’s black, and it has a SPICY scent too. Selected at a winter bulb show in Holland more than 20 years, Thompson & Morgan worked for 15 years to get this gem to market, by micro-propgating the bulbs. When I was at the company, it was my job to do the ‘PR’ on ‘Midnight Mystic’ and I enjoyed every minute. We even got it onto the Titchmarsh Show!


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love


An, how about those stripes you mentioned..??

Well, it isn’t technically real, but it is kinda fun! These ‘magic hyacinths’ have been created by injecting ink into the stem, which then filters into each floret! It’s like a shortcut in plant breeding, I guess!


The Hyacinth comeback: unique varieties you'll love

What a crazy world! You’ve definitely shown us that there’s more to the Hyacinths we know!

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