The RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018 is taking place on 27th and 28th October, and it’s going to be a fantastic event of seasonal plants, talks, workshops – and me, of course!

But who is Mr Plant Geek without his Weird and Wacky-ness? Not only will I host the Weird and Wacky Plant Show, but there’ll be lots more weird and wacky things to see. Here’s a taste…

1. UV Garden by Rob Stacewicz

Selaginella uncuniata - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

If you ever wanted to see glow in the dark plants, you’ll get your chance at the London Urban Garden Show. This exhibit by garden designer and horticulturist Rob Stacewicz features plants which flouresce under UV light. Walk around and watch as these plants light up!

2. Houseplants by Bloom Box Club

Maranta - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Plant subscription service Bloom Box Club will be exhibiting the most exciting and trendy houseplants. From the weird to the wonderful, you’d love to have any of these in your home!

3. Aquascapes by George Farmer Studios

Aquascaping - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Get swept away by the magical art of aquascaping. George Farmer will exhibit the most beautiful aquascapes, featuring underwater plants, hard materials and even animals! Try your hand at making your own aquascape in George’s exciting workshop.

4. Unique plants galore with The Palace Gardener

Venus fly trap - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Browse so many unique plants by The Palace Gardener at the London Urban Garden Show, from insect eaters, to cacti, to succulents. You’ll also find a range of beautiful pots here, so if you find a plant you love, you can bet you’ll find a fabulous container to display it in.

5. Create a Tinyjohn terrarium with London Terrariums

London Terrariums - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Terrariums have become so popular lately, with the tiny glass gardens being so practical for apartments and other small spaces. In this workshop, you can learn how a terrarium works and have a go at making your own with London Terrariums. Get as creative as you want, and take yours home to display.

6. Succulent love with Peng Succulents

Peng Succulents - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Cassie Peng of Peng Succulents will be selling all sorts of weird and wacky succulents, from pretty Echeveria to clusters of Haworthia.

Peng Succulents - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Find them in a range of sizes, from cute and petite to oversized!

7. Bonsai beauties with Driftwood Bonsai

Driftwood Bonsai - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to be a zen gardener, Driftwood Bonsai‘s amazing miniatures are a great way to get started. Driftwood specialise in field grown and collected trees, which range in size and shape. Pick your fave and take it home!

8. Jar gardens with Judith Baehner 

Het Groenlab - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Create an orchid jar garden, or ‘jarden’, with indoor plant guru Judith Baehner of Het Groenlab. You’ll learn how to build your garden and which plants can go inside it, and then take it home to display.

9. Crazy hybrids with Surreal Succulents

Surreal Succulents - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Specialising in the rare and unusual, Surreal Succulents are offering all sorts of succulents to add to your collection. Keep an eye out for their one of a kind hybrids, which are sure to blow your mind!

10. Alllll the Auriculas

Lockyer Ariculas - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Big Auricula fan? You’ll love W & S Lockyer Auriculas. This family run nursery specialise in this happy plant, and will have many different varieties on offer for you to browse.

11. Gill’s Weird Plants

RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Airplants are weird – and that’s cool! Weird Plants by Gill will be exhibiting so many weird and cool Tillandsia plants, which are perfect for low maintenance gardeners and even those with a fear of houseplants!

12. A miscellany of Dahlias

Naomi Slade's Dahlias - RHS London Urban Garden Show 2018

Naomi Slade is talking about the wonderful world of Dahlias, just before my talk on the 28th. Go beyond the garden with Naomi, to history, myth, biochemistry and breeding. Dahlias are so much more than they appear…

Which talk, workshop or exhibitor’s stand are you most looking forward to seeing at the London Urban Garden Show? Comment below, or come find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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