How to work the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 into your garden

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019 is Living Coral. This happy-but-calming shade can be worked into your closet, home decor and even your food (yes really), but how do you work with it in your garden? Here are some ideas on how to incorporate the colour into your back yard to make it super trendy.

Using Living Coral in your garden

From plants, to furniture, to ornaments, there is so much you can do with Living Coral in your garden.

Here are a few ideas on the types of flowers available in this shade, which are sure to brighten up the garden:

QVC has a great variety of plants with that fresh Living Coral vibe. Why not mix and match some Azaleas with Camellias?

Thompson & Morgan also has a great range of Nasturtiums with beautiful shades of Living Coral, such as the Nasturtium ‘Rumba Mix’:

Nasturtium ‘Rumba Mix’

When it comes to decorating, there’s much fun to be had. Living Coral is very playful, but at the same time not too distracting. So whether you want the colour to speak for itself, or blend seamlessly into your current decor, working with Living Colour is super easy.

Lighting is an unusual way to introduce colour into a space, but with a shade as warm and inviting as Living Coral, you won’t be able to get enough of that cosy glow.

Here are a few ideas for lighting using Living Coral:

Home 2 Garden Solar LED Garden Globe

Don’t opt for boring garden lighting – this LED light will create a warm coral glow for you and your guests. It’s solar powered and completely waterproof, ideal for any type of garden!

Buy it here for £32.

Jennings Ornamential Solar Flamingo Looking Back

Jennings Ornamential Solar Flamingo Looking Back

If you want lighting that’s a little bit more dramatic, this coral-coloured flamingo friend will sit happily amongst your plants. With solar powered LED lights encased in an open metalwork body, this flamingo will cast pretty shapes across your garden come nighttime.

Buy it here for £39.50.

Which colours complement Living Coral?

Living Coral - Pantone Colour of the Year 2019

Of course, when you’re working with a colour, it’s not just about how much of that colour you can use in one space. It’s also about which colours complement your main shade to create a cohesive aesthetic.

If you look at the colour wheel below, you can see that Living Coral sits opposite aquamarine – which may be why photos of flamingoes against crystal blue waters are so pleasing to the eye.

Colour Wheel

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few decor ideas in this shade range:

Jennings Driftwood Goose Looking Forwards

Jennings Driftwood Goose Looking Forwards

Why not give your flamingo a friend in the form of this aquamarine goose? Featuring driftwood feathers, its rustic texture can add interest to a plain space.

Buy it here for £49.98.

Cozee Home Set of 2 Reversible Luxury Faux Fur & Velvet Plush Throws

Cozee Home Set of 2 Reversible Luxury Faux Fur & Velvet Plush Throws

Don’t you just love those long, summer evenings after a BBQ, when you cosy up with a couple of throws in the garden? These reversible throws are perfect for just such an occasion, with a midnight teal colour combo to complement your lighting!

Buy them here for £48.

We’ll keep this page updated with fresh suggestions! How would you style Living Coral in your garden? Let me know in the comments section below!

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