Beat the Blue Monday blues

Blue Monday 2019 is upon us, but there’s no need to let it get you down. If you feel like the most depressing day of the year is hacking away at your happiness, try some of these garden-related activities to boost your mood.

What is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday usually falls on the third Monday of January; this makes it the most depressing day of the year due to several reasons:

  • Rubbish weather
  • Lack of motivation
  • Still feeling bloated from all that Christmas food
  • Payday seems so far away (and we’re broke from the holidays)
  • Had so much fun at Christmas and New Year, and probably won’t have that much fun again until the summer holidays
  • Most likely failed our New Year’s resolutions already

Conversely, the happiest day of the year is calculated to be some time in June or July. However, if you can’t wait that long, here are a few suggestions on what to do in the garden to keep your mood boosted…

1. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to lower your stress levels, and help you manage negative moods by being mindful and appreciating all there is around you.

For this, all you need is you and your garden. Put your phone away, sit comfortably with your eyes open or closed, slow your breathing to a nice, steady level, and soak in your surroundings. Listen for birds tweeting, or a plane high up in the sky. What can you smell? If you have your eyes open, can you spot any winter bees or other insects?

If you need something to help you get comfy, try using this jazzy Peony Orchid & Palm Print Cushion. Sit on it, use it to support your back, or hug it – it’s up to you…

Beat the Blue Monday blues: Peony Orchid & Palm Print Cushion

2. Feed the birds

The University of Exeter carried out a study which showed that just looking at birds can lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress.

By feeding birds in you’re garden, you’re not only getting the benefit of observing these beautiful winged creatures, but you’re also doing a good deed by giving them the nutrition they need to survive. And I’m sure you can guess that doing good deeds makes you happy, too!

Hang this Home2Garden Sunflower Bird Feeder from a tree and watch birds flock to your garden. Its sunflower-shaped frame is sure to lift your mood too, as sunflowers are happiness-inducing flowers!

Beat the Blue Monday blues: Home2Garden Sunflower Bird Feeder

To ensure the birds in your garden are getting the right nutrients, stock your feeder with Richard Jackson’s Premium High Energy Bird Food.

Beat the Blue Monday blues: Bird eating seed from a plate

3. Decorate with hygge

The Danish concept of hygge has been popular in the UK for a few years now – but did you know that it doesn’t just apply to making a nice cup of coffee for yourself in the morning?

You can decorate your home and garden with hygge in mind, too. Look for decor which brings you comfort, joy and contentment.

You might find hygge in this Bernini Contemporary Water Feature, with its modern, clean lines and soothing sounds of trickling water.

Beat the Blue Monday blues: Bernini Contemporary Water Feature

Or perhaps you’ll find it in this Set of 2 Fairy Colour Changing LED Solar Mobiles from Plow & Hearth. The lights are solar powered, and transform from colour to colour after dusk.

Beat the Blue Monday blues: Plow & Hearth Colour Changing LED Mobile

Or even this Smart Garden Cherry Glass & Metal Lantern, which creates pretty light patterns when lit up.

4. Plant colourful flowers

But plan carefully, as the colours you select can have varying effects on your mood. Colour psychology looks at the effects of colour on the mind, and reveals that some colours can provoke positive emotions such as happiness and creativity, whilst others can make you feel sad, tired or even irritated.

If you’re thinking about adding colourful flowers to your garden to boost your mood, try these:

  • Pink – evokes joy, vibrancy, new beginnings and euphoria (Rhododendrons)
  • Purple – feels sensual, soothing and conveys wisdom (Bletilla)
  • Yellow – can be warm and cheery (Edgeworthia chrysantha)
  • Blue – stimulates inspiration, and can be calming and spiritual (Scabious Fama)

5. Work out amongst nature

Fitness is on many of our minds in January, but have you tried exercising in your outdoor space to see if it can really boost your mood?

Try it on a sunny day when the weather isn’t super dreary, and get your blood pumping to increase endorphins (which boost your mood levels).

However, if working out really isn’t your thing, then focus your energy into your garden. Perhaps some areas need weeding, your fence needs painting, or the potting needs some tender love and care. Arm yourself with this Grumpy Gardener 5 in 1 Garden Multi Tool to get all your gardening jobs done in one go – and you’ll work those arm muscles, too!

Beat the Blue Monday Blues: Grumpy Gardener 5 in 1 Garden Multi Tool

If you really want to work those biceps, try using the Radius Garden Slayer Edger to neaten up your borders nicely.

Wear this Fitbit Charge 2 Activity & Sleep Tracker to keep tally of your step count, heart rate and more!

What are your favourite ways to boost your mood in the garden? Comment below and let me know!

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