People buy plants for many reasons and it’s not just because they bring a certain aesthetic to a room. Plants can bring a lot of meaning to people. Certain species are said to be lucky and attract positive energy, improve health and wealth. Of course, there’s no harm in cultivating plants that are thought to bring good fortune into our lives. 

So, without further ado, here are five plants that are believed to invite good health and prosperity into our busy lives.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky plants: Lucky bamboo
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What’s in a name? For the Lucky Bamboo, or Dracaena, it’s luck. It is a symbol of affluence for the Chinese, or at least something that attracts it. This indoor plant is not actually a bamboo and it is native to Africa and Southeast Asia. However, it plays a huge role in Feng Shui. The stalks of the lucky bamboo are equivalent to wood, which Healthy Life Essex explains is the element of good fortune. Place the plant in the southeast corner of your house to attract good luck. 

Basic care tips:

  • Put it in a ventilated container with good drainage 
  • Keep the soil moist and change the water once or twice every fortnight
  • Trim any yellow leaves

Jade Plant

Lucky plants: Jade plant
(image: Unsplash)

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Money Plant’, the Jade Plant or Crassula ovata is a succulent that is said to attract more wealth. Aside from being a great housewarming present, it makes for a lovely ornament in your office. The Jade Plant is traditionally positioned near a door to welcome success into your home or place of business. 

Basic care tips:

  • Place the plant outside a door or by the window as they require ample sunlight
  • Pyracantha notes that a large pot is ideal as it tends to become heavy at the top and you’ll need something to support its weight
  • Like most succulents, water them moderately

Chinese Evergreen

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The Chinese Evergreen is also believed to bring prosperity, but in a specific way, as it is said that it can help you win the lottery. As the famous story goes, a man checked the markings on the plant to come up with numbers for his winning lottery ticket. With the popularity of current lotteries in the UK and Europe, why not get a Chinese Evergreen plant to bring you some luck? The most popular lottery in the whole of the continent is the EuroMillions, which Lottoland details is played by people from 13 countries across Europe every week. With a minimum jackpot of €15 million (£13 million), it’s easy to see why it has such a large player base. So, if you really want to buy into the notion that the Chinese Evergreens bring prosperity and wealth into your life, what are you waiting for? 

The best thing about this plant is that you don’t need a green thumb to care for it as it is very easy to maintain. 

Basic care tips:

  • Place the Chinese Evergreen in a spot with indirect sunlight
  • Water moderately and allow it to dry in between watering

Peace Lily

(image: Pinterest)

One of the simplest yet elegant looking plants is the Peace Lily. It’s easy to love the contrast of the dark green leaves against the white flowers and they can easily liven up a room. Peace Lilies are also symbolic of good health. The Greenage explains that many people aren’t aware of Toxic Home Syndrome, which has been linked to respiratory conditions. Peace Lilies act as filters. They are believed to prevent asthma, headaches, and chronic illness. 

Basic care tips:

  • Place in low-light conditions
  • Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering

Snake Plant

(image: Unsplash)

Forget the negative things you’ve heard about the Snake Plant, as it brings strong energies to the home. It’s a sign of good health in many cultures as it is also effective as an air purifier. Place it indoors for the best results and notice how much lighter the air feels.

Basic care tips:

  • Place the Snake Plant in a spot with indirect sunlight
  • Water moderately and allow it to dry in between watering

For more life-changing plants, check out this list of bonsai trees on Mr Plant Geek to bring a little Zen into your home.

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  • Mary Howes

    Lovely plants, but please remind people that lilies are very poisonous to cats. Thank you.

    January 26, 2022
  • Michelle Smith

    Thank you for the details.

    May 11, 2023

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