Whether you’ve lived in your home for a year or twenty years, unless you’ve applied a strict cleaning regimen, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to maintain that brand new look and feel in your home and garden. Although many of us would love to have that new-home feel, we don’t have the time or energy to scrub at every wall, floor or water feature unless it’s spotless. However, a simple cleaning solution called Wet & Forget changes that completely – get yours here.

Wet & Forget Original

Wet & Forget is a biodegradable formula which removes unwanted moss, black mould, algae and lichen. It clears surfaces without the need for scrubbing or pressure washing – which means it’s actually saving you money on your water bill too.

Rather than spending hours on your garden cleaning jobs and using up precious time on your weekends, simply spray this product onto an unsightly surface, and let it do the job for you. You could even spray it around before jetting off on holiday, and come back to a beautifully renewed landscape.

You could start to see results within weeks! Simply mix up in a sprayer, 1 part Wet & Forget to 5 parts water. The kit we offer covers more than 420 square metres too, so you could clean up your whole outdoor space.

Where can I use Wet & Forget?

If you’re wondering where you can use Wet & Forget, you’re asking a big question! This product is no one-trick pony. Because of Wet & Forget’s non-caustic, non-acidic, no-bleach solution, it’s one of the best cleaning solutions for most surfaces around your garden and the exterior of your home.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use Wet & Forget to make your home and garden look like new:

1. Patio

Wet & Forget Before and After: Patio

Forever trodden upon, patios can become tired-looking pretty quickly. However, a quick clean with Wet & Forget can change the look of your patio – and in turn your entire garden!

2. Fencing

Fences are often neglected, until one or two panels blow into your neighbour’s garden on a windy day, and then require replacing. Fences can become weak with moss, mildew and algae growing on them. Maintain strong and clean fence panels with a spritz of Wet & Forget every now and then to help keep your fences up!

3. Walls

If you’ve got light-coloured walls on the outside of your house, it won’t take long for them to get dirty – and this can really age your home, physically and aesthetically! Pressure washing could damage your walls, especially if they’re already quite old – instead opt for this handy treatment for a gentler and more effective method.

4. Shed

Ahh.. the common garden shed – the Tardis of your garden! Although many of us see a shed as a practical thing, it can also be a feature in your garden. Keep yours looking new with a spritz of Wet & Forget. Simply spray on the walls, doors and roof, and let it wash the years away.

This simple structure does so much for any homeowner’s property. Imagine walking around your home with every square meter taken up or soiled by dusty antiques, pungent paint cans, dirty gardening equipment, and bulky machinery. Picture your kids having one less space to have memories in or you and your space losing out on another area to do your personal projects.
Your humble garden shed is often the answer to these problems. So, you should give it the sprucing it deserves once in a while.

5. Driveway

Wet & Forget Before and After: Gravel

Your front garden might be in tip-top shape, but a dirty driveway can unbalance the effect. Sweeping gravel is also impossible!

Along with moss and algae, driveways can also be the victim of antifreeze stains from your car. Although these can be soaked up with a little coverage of cat litter when noticed right away, a stain that’s been there a while might take longer to get rid of.

In these cases, spritz on your Wet & Forget to reveal a good-as-new driveway surface.

6. Garden statues

You buy a garden statue, thinking it’ll stand the test of time and bring your garden to life, but a year later it’s covered in moss and looks old and neglected. Take your Wet & Forget and spray over any statues to quickly uncover their original beauty, without needing to scrub all the nooks and crannies!

Depending on the material, decorative statues will vary on how long they can maintain their look and integrity. But all of them eventually fall victim to heat, rain, UV rays, pollution, animals (feral and domestic), and, of course, the occasional tip and fall.
The last bit is out of your hands. But you can quickly deal with the rest through regular maintenance.

7. Boats

Own a boat? Whether you’re a fairweather sailor parking your boat on the driveway over winter, or you’ve got a lovely wooden dinghy as a piece of garden art, keeping it clean will make it look 100 times better! Spritz on this effective cleaning formula to blitz mildew and algae off the bottom of your boat. Or, for a larger vessel, use it to keep your walkways and external upholstery clean and clear.

8. Gravestones

Unless you own a large, historic country estate, it’s unlikely that you’re going to have a cemetery on your property. However, if you have beloved pets at rest in your garden, it’s a lovely gesture to keep their headstones clean, or of course the portability of Wet & Forget means you can also take it to the local cemetery.

9. Preserving pumpkins

When it comes to Halloween, it’s super fun to carve your pumpkin and display it outside your front door. However, pumpkins can accumulate mildew really quickly. Soak your spooky creation in a diluted solution of Wet & Forget to get rid of any mould or mildew, then pop it back on display!

10. Outdoor taps

If you have a tap outside, or any area where there’s plumbing like a hose or outdoor shower, then you’ll probably notice a build up of moss or mildew underneath or around the water source. It can be tedious to remove this by hand, so instead use Wet & Forget and spray it all away in no time.

11. Pathways

Wet & Forget Before and After: Pathway

Like your patio, any pathways around your garden will see a lot of action and, therefore, become dirty. Make it a pleasure to walk around your yard by spraying Wet & Forget onto the pathway surfaces to reveal a brand new look.

12. Awnings

Awnings are wonderful for those hot summer days where you want to enjoy the sun without the sunburn. However, awnings will need a little care and attention every once in a while to keep them looking pretty. Wet & Forget will take care of any algae, moss or mildew accumulations on awnings – even fabric ones!

13. Benches

Unlike other patio furnture, benches are often left outside all year round, and can fall victim to moss and lichen. Spritz your bench with this formula to get rid of any stains.

14. Bottoms of fabric hammocks

You might not see it when you’re using it, but the bottom of your fabric hammock can get dirty pretty quickly. And when it comes to dismantling it for the winter, it can be a pretty gross job. Before you pack it away, give it a clean with Wet & Forget, and it’s as good as new.

15. Plant pots

What good are beautiful plants if your pots are super aged – and showing it?! There’s no reason why a pot can’t be used for years, but that doesn’t mean it has to look old too. Use Wet & Forget to clear away moss, lichen and algae on pots around your garden, big or small. You won’t realise how much of a difference it’ll make until it’s done!

Now, you can fully enjoy the beauty of your prized flowers and greens without getting distracted by crust and detritus. Give it a go and see the results.

16. Roof

Wet & Forget Before and After: Roof

Don’t you just love how the roofs look on new houses? So clean and shiny – it’s really noticeable! Now, if you take a look up at your roof, you may notice yellow blobs clinging to the tiles. This is lichen, which can damage your roof over time, due to the moisture it holds against the surface of your roof tiles.

You’ll find even more than these blotches if you have asphalt shingles. Mould and mildew, their nastier companions, also love to spread on roofs exposed to tons of humidity. They can easily cause health problems if not dealt with immediately.

Apply a slick of Wet & Forget to achieve that coveted new home appearance!

17. Soft top roof on your car

Since Wet & Forget’s pH level is 8 – that means it’s super close to water – it’s safe to use on the soft top of your convertible car and won’t damage paint. Spray the diluted solution onto your soft top and leave to work its magic.

18. Outdoor umbrellas

Remember when you bought that big, beautiful umbrella for your patio? It looked pretty special right? But now it looks like you found it against a bin in an alley somewhere. Don’t entertain the alley-umbrella syndrome! Use Wet & Forget to clean the fabric of your umbrella in no time, and with almost zero effort!

19. Caravan

It can take a long time to clean a caravan, so why not make things easier and less time-consuming with your Wet & Forget? The formula won’t damage the paint of the caravan, so you can just spray and wait for it to clear any dirt away.

20. Decking

If you’re proud of the decking that you so expertly installed in your garden last summer, keep that pride going by keeping it clean with Wet & Forget. Don’t bother getting on your hands and knees to scrub away at each panel, simply spray on and let it do the work for you! You’ll also have safer, less slippery surfaces in the winter too.

What needs cleaning in your garden? Get your bottle of Wet & Forget here, and make it like-new! Additionally, read about Wet & Forget Rapid Application here.

Cleaning pots with Wet & Forget I’ve even been cleaning up my old stone pots at home- I’ve only sprayed the right one so far, and here’s the difference within just 1 day!

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