Michael Perry with the Wolf Blaster 4x4 pressure washer

We all know the drill when it comes to tidying up the inside of a house: a little vacuuming here, a little dusting there, and top it all off with a scented candle. But what about outside? Thanks to the many different types of weather we sustain in the UK, the exterior of our houses can get battered and dirty over time. But this isn’t anything a pressure washer can’t fix!

Why should I use a pressure washer?

Pressure washing your outdoor areas can cut your cleaning jobs in half, saving you valuable time and effort.

It can take a long time to clean the exterior of a house, from the walls to the driveway, by hand. Without a pressure washer, you’ll probably spend hours on your knees or pushing a broom around, trying to clean up the months of dirt clinging to surfaces around your front or back garden. However, with a pressure washer in hand, you can easily lift away all that grime in as little as one hour, and with an extendable reach attachment, you won’t even need to use a ladder.

Plus, a regular pressure wash can help prevent mould and mildew too, by simply clearing away the dirt and bacteria that causes it. If you’re in an area with high rainfall, you may experience horrible patches of unsightly grime which is a real pain to remove by hand. Blitz it with a pressure washer to remove the existing afflicted areas, then keep up a routine to help stop future outbreaks.

Which pressure washer should I buy?

Pressure washers come in all shapes and sizes. However, the Wolf Blaster 4×4 pressure washer is a great all-rounder for both seasoned pressure washing pros, or newbies! The 4×4 refers to the wheels, this pressure washer is entirely portable and moves around with ease on any surface. Isn’t it handsome??

Wolf Blaster 4x4 pressure washer

This new model features a maximum pressure of 165 BAR. What does this mean? ‘BAR’ is a unit of pressure – to give you an idea of what 165 BAR feels like, it’s equivalent to 2393 pounds of force per square inch. Picture it as a small car perching on your big toe.

With this amount of pressure, the Wolf Blaster 4×4 is ideal for cleaning exterior walls and more. However, its adjustable pressure means it is also great for cleaning more delicate items. But, read on to find the answer to frequently asked questions…

How long is the hose?

The Wolf Blaster 4×4 features a six metre-long hose. So whether you need to clean your car on the driveway, or all four walls of your house, this product has you covered!

Is it easy to store?

Don’t worry about making space for the Wolf Blaster 4×4 – it can easily fit around you.

With a compact body and a hose which wraps away onto the back of the pressure washer, you can store this product easily in your shed or garage.

Can I move it around as I use it?

You’re not limited to one-directional movement with this pressure washer. The Wolf Blaster 4×4 is mounted onto four wheels, which can turn 360 degrees. In addition to the long hose, you can move around with ease whilst cleaning your home exterior.

Is it a problem if electricity cord gets wet??

You don’t have to worry about water on the electric cable, as it’s fully waterproofed for safety.

Will it damage things I’m cleaning?

Wolf Blaster 4x4 pressure washer | Cleaning a driveway

No! With this pressure washer, you’re in control. Unlike industrial pressure washers, this is ideal for utilising around the home and can be used on brickwork, decking and your car without the worry of damage.

What can I clean with the Wolf Blaster 4×4 pressure washer?

Wolf Blaster 4x4 pressure washer | Plant pot before & after

With a high maximum pressure of 165 BAR, the Wolf Blaster 4×4 can easily clean months or even years of grime off brick walls, patios, decking or concrete driveways.

If you’re selling your house and want it to appear presentable, this is an invaluable product which will give your home a new lease of life, with very little time and effort put in. Clean away the years, from the walls of your house to the pavement outside – if you’re really aiming to please!

Lower the pressure of the Wolf Blaster 4×4, or change the attachments, to renew smaller or more delicate items, such as garden furniture, stone planters, or even your wheelie bins. You’ll get addicted to pressure washing with how versatile this product is! And it’s kinda hypnotic seeing that dirt get washed away!

Can I use this pressure washer to clean my car?

Wolf Blaster 4x4 pressure washer | Car before & after

Yes, this pressure washer can clean your car without the worry of damaging the paint. No need to spend hours using a bucket and sponge!

Our cars can get super dirty from long journeys, where dirt is flicked up from the road, or from winter weather which can cover cars in debris. However, you can easily clean all this away with a few swipes of your Wolf Blaster 4×4. Just imagine how much it could cost you at the car wash over the year..

The Wolf Blaster 4×4 attachments

Wolf Blaster 4x4 pressure washer with attachments

Make life easier with this pressure washer’s eight attachments, each with a different purpose to make cleaning the exterior of your home a breeze. Here’s a quick video guide to how and where you can use each attachment:

Launching 24th February 2019 on QVC in the UK – buy it here.

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