While there are those that prefer a garden without a lawn, there are many who take pride in a lawn, and see them as an important part of the garden. Neither are wrong or right, but for those of you who have lawns and want to learn how to get the best out of them, I’ve put together this special blog post for you!

How to take care of your lawn

I asked you on Facebook if you had any burning questions on lawn care, and you lot were armed and ready! I picked 5 of your fantastic questions to add into this post. Hopefully my answers will be able to help you with the green, green grass of home…!

If you can see big, strong, tap rooted weeds like dandelions, then why not grab those with the Cultimate? It can really make light work of weeding amongst grass. Then, I would suggest you feed the lawn well, and give it some real care and attention. You’ll find that- over the season- the lawn will become surprisingly strong and healthy, and will actually start to out-compete the weeds, crowding them out..

The key to this is starting your feeding regime early on, Lawn Magic is ideal for this. Strengthening your lawn before any heatwave occurs can make sure it’s better prepared when there are times of drought. If you do get caught out during a sweltering period, you CAN water, but make sure you really drench the lawn, and do it in the morning or evening.

Whenever your lawn needs a trim, you should trim it, whatever time of year that might be. ‘Little and often’ is the optimum advice really; mow the lawn as if you’re just removing the ‘tips’ each time. This will prevent you scalping it too short, which can be a recipe for disaster during hot periods. Furthermore, infrequent mowing can encourage moss and weeds to grow. The Cordless Mower by Swift is ideal for any size of lawn-space.

We have a solution for you! The Richard Jackson’s Garden Moss Remover can help with removal of the moss, which is pretty, but can be squelchy underfoot and messy. Simply sprinkle Moss Remover onto the surface of the lawn and the moss then gorges on the friendly bacteria, soon decomposing and actually feeding the lawn with the debris.

Help recurrence of the moss by aerating the lawn well, improving drainage where possible. Do this by making holes with a garden fork, at intervals of a few inches across your lawn.

Oh yes, it does help immensely! There’s a special formulation for lawns though, and it’s called Lawn Magic! This special blend has everything your grass needs to be strong, green, lush and disease-proof too!

My five step guide to a better lawn

The questions and answers above should be enough for you to get started with your lawn care routine, but if not, here’s a video detailing my easy five step guide to achieving a better lawn:

Garden Day is coming to QVC

Join me on Sunday 17th March 2019 for Garden Day on QVC – an entire day revolving around gardens and all the wonderful things in them! From plants to decor to tools, there will be plenty of chat and demonstrations from all of the team on Garden Day. Grab a cuppa and put your feet up in front of the TV, because you won’t want to miss this! (Don’t forget you can win plants too)

We’ll also be showing you how to get your lawn into great shape. There are so many amazing products, that can make your life so much easier when it comes to lawn care, including feed, moss remover and seeds. Don’t think you have to go through this by yourself! Me and the team are here to make lawn care a breeze.

Here are a few products to keep your lawn looking its best:

Richard Jackson Lawn Magic 3 Litre Grass Feed with Hose-End Sprayer

Lawn Magic

Keep your garden gorgeous for months with this easy-to-use feed and sprayer. With a three litre bottle of Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic and Easy Feeder hose end sprayer, you have the ability to strengthen your grass and fight fungal diseases with minimal effort.

Just look at these unbelievable results (as you can see, it’s a safer product for dog owners!):

Find out more about this product here.

Richard Jackson 650g Triple Use Grass Seed

Lawn care: Grass seed

This blend of premium green lawn grass seeds are fast growing, hardwearing and shade and drought tolerant. It’s easy to grow a lawn that is resilient against all weather conditions with this pack.

Find out more about this product here.

Richard Jackson’s 5KG Moss Remover

For moss prone lawns, this moss remover is the perfect remedy. Made with a special formula which utlises naturally-occuring bacteria to literally eat up all your moss, you’ll be super pleased with the results from this product. It comes in a 5kg tub, which can be sprinkled on up to 100 square metres of lawn.

Find out more about this product here.

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  • Jenny

    A really interesting site and very informative. Thank you very much.

    March 16, 2019
  • Olwen steadman

    Have used the Moss Killer..Just watching for results now .Sprinkled 4 days ago so will wait and see..

    March 30, 2019

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