Have you ever thought about which plants would go with certain popstars? Maybe it’s just me being a Plant Geek, but I often wonder what people would be like as plants. I think I would be a Delphinium ‘Princess Caroline’ because I’m tall, outgoing and familiar. Or at least that’s what I’m told.

Delphinium Princess Caroline

Delphinium ‘Princess Caroline’

But enough about me. What’s more important are the plants that I would match with the popstars of this world. Why? I, along with many other plant-obsessed people, think that plants have as much personality as humans. With that in mind, it’s so easy to match up plants with the personalities of popstars, whether they’re flamboyant, exotic, cute or crazy. To illustrate my point, I’ve made a little infographic which shows eight of my fave popstars, and their corresponding plants. See below!

Plants and popstars

Dua Lipa suits the rich colours of the exotic Lotus flower, while Rihanna couldn’t be anything other than the colourful Barbados Lily of her native Caribbean country. Lady Gaga is a flamboyant Bird of Paradise, Beyoncé’s strong femininity takes the form of a Dahlia, and Ariana Grande is a cute little Sweet Pea. Taylor Swift is a classic red Rose, Selena Gomez is a sensual Vanda Orchid and Katy Perry is a crazy, outgoing Anthurium.

Which plant do you think you would be? Let me know in the comments section below!

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