Mixed Gerberas
You probably recognise Gerbera.. perhaps you’ve bought a bunch of them at the supermarket before now, or even had them in your wedding flowers? But, did you know there’s a brand new breed of Gerbera which can be grown in the garden all year round, and they’re as easy to grow as Lupins!


One company have dedicated their whole business to breeding a brand-new category of flower. That flower is the Gerbera Garvinea Series. This African Daisy is now suitable for growing in borders and patio pots and is more colourful than ever!


Clump forming, bushy plants certainly earn their place in the border, often stretching out to give 3 seasons of flowers too. Plants can have more than 30 blooms on at any one time. And those colours, sheesh, they are almost every colour of the rainbow!


If you are planning a staycation this summer, you’ll be looking to decorate your patio with a holiday feel. What better than the tropical looks of Gerbera??


Even for a beginner, these plants are quite easy to grow. Just make sure you give them a sunny position in the garden, and water them steadily. The key to success is watering the plants from below. So you’ll need to water into a saucer, rather than from above the plants.


Plants are not only suitable to go outdoors, but they are also hardy, this means they will come back every year. They are in essence as easy to grow as any shrub or perennial in your garden!


With something as beautiful and simple to grow as this Gerbera, your existing border plants will soon be quaking in their boots! It’s time to remix your border!!
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  • Heather Dilley

    I bought these hardy gerberas from QVC and they arrived yesterday all but 2 of the 6 totally wilted!! I have planted them in pots hoping that they survive but there was no information regarding planting in the box!! So had no idea how far apart to put them. Don’t think I will buy plants from QVC again. Keeping my fingers crossed that they survive, but thanks for the info on your web site. That has at least helped a bit.

    June 12, 2021
  • Hilary Margaret Lawler

    Can i grow The Hardy Gerbera Collection from seed.

    June 12, 2021

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