Flower Trials 2019

The annual Flower Trials (11th-14th June 2019), held in Holland and Germany each year, is attended by buyers and retailers from all over the world, looking for what’s hot in plants. A little bit like Fashion Week, this event determines the big trends going forward – and it’s all rather exciting!

At this year’s event, 62 breeding companies will be showing off their finest pot and bedding plants of all colours, shapes and sizes. The event will take place in 30 locations across three geographical regions: Aalsmeer and the surrounding area, the Westland in the Netherlands and Rhineland-Westphalia in Germany.

I’m very proud to be an ambassador for the event! I’ll be sharing photos of all my favourite plants from the event on my social media, and I’ll need you to get involved by telling me what you love – or don’t love. The best feedback always comes from home gardeners, so if you fancy yourself a critic, head to the #plantgeekplantnotes hashtag and comment on your fave plants. You’ll also see lots more if you keep an eye on my feed – AND if you can’t get enough of me, I’ll also be taking over their social media!

If you want to find out more about the Flower Trials, watch the video below and head to flowertrials.nl for more info.

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  • Steve Szost

    Hi Michael, I, too am a plant geek going back to as early as I can remember. I was unable to obtain from T+M seeds for the fruiting fuchsia. Since my husband and I live in northern San Diego County, we cannot import plants. Would it be possible to purchase seeds from you??? We have a frost-free climate, so it would not be urgent to obtain them ASAP.

    Steve Szost

    July 25, 2019

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