Eks'kwizit x Mr Plant Geek

I’ve got a new and exciting clothing collaboration for you! I’ve teamed up with fashion brand Eks’kwizit to bring you a colourful collection of sweatshirts which are sure to pique your plant geek interests!

Eks’kwizit is an art-focussed clothing brand based in The Netherlands. In the past, they’ve collaborated with unique and creative international artists, and I’m so pleased to have paired with them for this collection.

We’ve called it ‘Urban Botanic’, and it features images of plants which I’ve taken on my travels across the world. The collection consists of Cactus, Adenium Pink and Waterlily-print sweatshirts – which one is your favourite?

Browse the collection below and click the images to shop.

Eks'kwizit x Mr Plant Geek Eks'kwizit x Mr Plant Geek Eks'kwizit x Mr Plant Geek

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