Weed between paving stones

Is there only one way of weeding a garden? Of course not. However, can you think of five methods of weeding?

It’s not a chore that’s widely enjoyed, but there’s no reason your can’t get creative with weeding. I’ve listed five ways to weed your garden below. Why not try these and see which works best for you?

1. Precision weeding

Weeds can erupt from all sorts of places, some of which can be difficult to reach with any old trowel. Perhaps you’ve spotted weeds growing between two new plants that you don’t want to disturb – try using a precision tool to extract them.

Cultimate weeder

This Cultimate Weed Duo features both a handheld and long pole version, which both allow you to get into those tricky spots. These are super handy when it comes to pulling up weeds from areas between plants, as well as breaking up soil and scraping between paving stones, or tackling bigger weeds in gravel.

Buy it from QVC here.

2. Motorise your efforts

Sometimes weeding is just too much hard work, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. When the going gets tough, use a motorised tool to take your weeding to the next level.

This Cordless Cultivator Weeder tills in tight spaces and weeds between plants, slicing through compact soil to get the results you want in no time at all.

Buy it from QVC here.

3. Burn them

For a quick way of killing weeds, there’s always the burning method. This might be unsafe if you don’t have the proper tools – but luckily there’s a handy weed burner that will do the job…

This weed burner works by emitting bursts of heat to help the plant cells die from root to tip, without the use of flames or toxic chemicals. It also has a handy built-in retractable stand which locks into place when not in use, so you can stand the weed burner off the ground when hot. As more and more chemicals get taken off the shelves, this could be a future proof weeding method!

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4. Weedkiller

Sometimes you can’t beat the old favourites. Weedkiller is easy and effective – you’ll start the job after breakfast and finish way before brunch. It’s less back pain, more sit-back-and-drink-tea.

Richard Jackson weedkiller

Some people have an issue with weedkiller being harmful to wildlife or to other plants. However, Richard Jackson’s Double Action Weedkiller is based on a Geranium leaf extract, with a formula that’s biodegradable and glysophate-free (glysophate is the chemical being taken off shelves around the country)

That doesn’t mean it’s not as effective, though. It’s a fast acting product which kills weeds in less than 24 hours, and continue killing them throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

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5. Buy more plants

More plants take up more space – so that means less room for weeds to grow. Simple. Try these Ground Phlox for size! Carpeting, fragrant and ultra colourful!

Buy them here from QVC.

What’s your preferred method of ousting weeds from your garden? Let me know in the comments section!

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