The best podcasts of 2019

With podcasts growing as a medium, so much so that you can now add them to Spotify playlists, it’s a great time to start listening if you don’t already! And I’ll be sharing some favourites….

This year has been especially busy for podcasters, who have been hard at work creating compelling content in all genres – including gardening and plants, with mine and my colleague Ellen Mary’s The Plant Based Podcast.

Me and my assistant Jen have been listening to lots of podcasts on our travels this year, and we want to share our favourite 10 with you all! They aren’t mecessarily about gardening though…

Read the list below, and perhaps discover a new favourite…

1. Eastenders Weekly

My first pick has to be Eastenders Weekly podcast.. not least coz they mention me each week! (Yes, I’m an unashamed Eastenders fan!) It’s a great topical podcast about the recent episodes, but also digs into classic episodes, storylines and characters!

Listen here.

2. Fascinated with Gearoid Farrelly

I’m also a pop music fan, and especially love the underdogs! This guy is getting to speak to all the forgotten pop stars, and I bloody love it!

Listen here.

3. Unflopped

Also on the pop music subject, I ADORE Unflopped and the idea behind it is excellent. Each episode they discuss two songs…. songs that were flops in the charts, but should be UN-flopped! They explain the makeup and structure of the songs too, which is super interesting.

Listen here.

4. Homo Sapiens

Loving this one, and in fact we’d love to interview Will (Young) for our Plant Based Podcast! Homosapiens discusses LGBT life in an honest way, and they have super interesting guests, and above all, it’s all very relaxed!

Listen here.

5. Hashtag Authentic

A fab podcast that taps into many of my interests, and has helped me a lot with social media and such. Great interview style and awesome guests, always learning!

Listen here.

6. My Favorite Murder

True crime enthusiasts (don’t be shy about your obsession with serial killers) will love this podcast by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. You might wonder how you could combine horrific murders with comedy, but it’s actually executed (no pun intended) pretty sensitively with respect to victims.

Listen here.

7. Household Name

This podcast tells the untold stories of big names and brands, some of which may surprise and shock you. Although a lot of these brands are US based, you’ll have probably heard of them through television and popular culture – and, besides, host Dan Bobkoff’s excellent story telling technique makes you feel super familiar with them anyway.

Listen here.

8. The Influencer Podcast

The word ‘influencer’ no longer describes celebrities, but also mere mortals who have clout amongst their social media audiences. The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon explores the elements which make influencers successful, and decodes them for anyone who wants to make a living out of being influential.

Listen here.

9. TED Talks Daily

TED, or Technology, Entertainment and Design, is a hugely popular annual conference held in Vancouver, Canada. Of course, not everyone can make it to Canada each year, so the media organisation records the content and posts it online for anyone to watch or listen to for free. The podcast covers every topic imaginable, from zoology to artifical intelligence.

Listen here.

10. Coffee House Shots

Need a better understanding of what’s going on in politics at the moment? The podcast from The Spectator provides an analysis of political news in episodes no longer than 20 minutes. It’s a great listen if you want to keep up to date on situations like Brexit – without ill-informed, biased opinions.

Listen here.

What’s your favourite podcast? Let me know in the comments below – and don’t forget to listen to the latest episodes of The Plant Based Podcast!

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