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If you’re hard pressed for what to get a nature lover for Christmas in 2019, I’ve got the perfect gift idea! This bird feed and nest gift hamper, created in an exclusive collaboration with wildlife expert Simon King, ticks all the boxes when it comes to getting the most out of nature in the garden:

Bird nest and feed hamper

Gifts for nature lovers: Bird Feed and Nest Gift Hamper

Who doesn’t love receiving a hamper as a gift? Open it up and there are plenty of lovely goodies inside, all for the good of nature!

Encouraging nature-based activities is one way to improve wellbeing. Time and time again, studies have shown that being in touch with the natural environment improve mental health, and can even go so far as significantly improving the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  There are also physical benefits too, including reducing hypertension (abnormally high blood pressure) and respiratory tract and cardiovascular illnesses.

With this hamper, you won’t just give the gift of nature, but you’ll also be providing your recipient with a tool that will improve their mental and physical wellbeing, as well as the environment around them. They will be rewarded with everything they need to create the perfect habitat to encourage local birds to their garden. For any nature lover, this is a wonderful gift that will last the entire season, and beyond.

Bird nest and feed hamper

What’s included?

Here’s everything that’s included in this hamper:

Your choice of bird feeder

Choose from either a robin feeder (a gorgeous robin perfect for welcoming birds into your garden) or a blue tit feeder (a bright, colourful blue tit to add some vibrant shades to your garden). Both of these artistic, painted bird feeders are made of curved, glazed ceramic, which stops squirrels from getting a grip on the feeder and stealing all the food.  Not only that, but the entry and exit windows only allow for the width of a small bird’s wingspan, so that means that larger birds can’t bully their way into the feeder!

Wildflower seeds

Wildflower seeds

This pack of seeds contains a generous variety of wildflowers to complement a wildlife-friendly garden. Your giftee will receive an amazingly colourful mix, that will attract bees and butterflies, and then birds thanks to the tasty seed heads!

Simon King’s Robin Nester

Simon King robin nester

Position this beautiful, natural-looking nester for robins to make a home in a hedgerow or shrub. Lightweight but robust, this nester contains a wicker base and weather-protected roof.

As Simon explains, ‘Robins don’t like being exposed. They like to tuck themselves away, very often inside buildings in little nooks and crannies. So this nester has a landing platform, and the nesting area itself is around a corner – that’s ideal for robins as it keeps them out of sight of the prying eyes of predators.’

Your recipient will be delighted when robins flock to seek shelter in their garden!

Nesting Wool

This handy nesting wool can be utilised to help adult birds during the winter months, and for chicks when they arrive in spring. Designed to resemble sheep wool, which would usually get snagged on wire fences, dot some around your garden so the birds can dress their new home!

Illustrated Bird Guide

A lovely final touch for any bird lover, this illustrated guide contains information that will help identify common UK garden birds, from the comfort of your armchair.


Where to buy

If you know someone who would love to open this nature-focused gift on Christmas Day, you can purchase this unique gift hamper combination from QVC here. You won’t be able to find this beautiful present combination anywhere else!

What do you think of this gift? Let me know in the comments below!

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