Pumpkin vase
We’ve seen many fantastic ways to display pumpkins, from mesmerising 3D carvings to spray painting. But there’s still so much room for creativity with this orange squash – like a pumpkin vase!
Guest blogger Lily Hall has worked within the incredible world of floral design for four years, and is currently studying a BA Hons course in Floristry at Myerscough College, Preston. She describes her style as weird and wacky – and to people that know her, this makes a lot of sense!
Here, Lily talks about creating a stunning pumpkin vase for an alternative flower arrangement this autumn!

This is how to make your own pumpkin vase

1. Gather your materials:
• Pumpkin – costs £1-£2 from most shops.
• Container – e.g. jam jar/plastic bottle (clean jam out/cut to size if necessary).
• Flowers/greenery (can be anything; red and orange would match the autumn theme).
• Green floristry wires – can be purchased from a florist (optional).
• Floral foam – which can also be bought from a florist. Soak gently by dropping into a bucket of water and leave until fully naturally soaked – don’t push into the water.
• Scissors.
• Knife.
• Bluetack (optional).


Pumpkin vase

2. Cut out hole in the pumpkin to fit the container using a knife

Tip: draw around container to get the right size hole. You may need assistance with this part.

Pumpkin vase

3. Cut floral foam to size, to fit tightly into container.

Make sure that your floral foam is protruding 2-3cm out of container.
Pumpkin vase
4. Cut the stems of flower/foliage and push gently into floral foam, one inch below the surface.

They can go everywhere and anywhere. The design should look voluminous and overflowing with flowers – plus, every pumpkin vase should look very different.

5. Decorate.

To finish off the design, add your personal touch with a final decoration. The lid of the pumpkin can be wired and pushed back into floral foam. Spiders, skeletons and cobwebs can be blue-tacked to the side of the pumpkin or pushed into the floral foam.
Then, enjoy looking at your new pumpkin vase!
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