Pink and red Poinsettia

Poinsettia Day is upon us! December 12th is the day to celebrate this festive plant in all its glory, and one way that we can do that is by including it in our Christmas decor.

Not only does it look Christmassy, the Poinsettia has close links with the biggest holiday of the year. Native to Mexico, legend has it that the Poinsettia was miraculously transformed from weeds collected from the roadside by a little Mexican girl who wanted to honoUr the birth of Jesus with a gift.

These days, the Poinsettia is back and bigger than ever, with its many shade varieties making it popular with younger plant owners.  If that didn’t convince you, did you know that the #poinsettia hashtag has over 298,000 posts on Instagram? There are even Instagrammers posting about Poinsettia-themed makeup, making Poinsettia gift-wrapping accessories, and having these fantastic flowers tattooed onto their bodies! Here are a few of my favourite posts:

However, If you’re not up for making biscuits or crocheting, you can always use Poinsettia to decorate your home at Christmastime. Here are a few ideas.

Traditional Christmas

Red Poinsettia giftwrap

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A traditional Christmas is all about the beautifully lush, green tree, with plenty of those colours we automatically associate with Christmas: red, gold, silver and maybe a little bit of white.

Red Poinsettias are ideal for this theme. Use them as sparingly or as profusely as you like. I’ve seen trees completely decked out with Poinsettias, which looks fabulous if done well. I’ve also seen just a few red Poinsettias used as a table centrepiece, and it looks just as festive as a smaller detail.

Is a Christmas home a home without Poinsettia?

Contemporary/White Christmas

White Poinsettia

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It can be hard to hold back on decking the halls with colour at Christmas, but perhaps you want to be more restrained, and a shade more stylish, with your festive decor? White offers a more contemporary hue, and is becoming more and more popular.

White Poinsettia

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Your contemporary or white Christmas is likely all about neutral tones in addition to the colour white. Perhaps you might include darker greens, woody browns and maybe even a slice or two of dehydrated orange. The white Poinsettia is perfect for this palette. A more creamy than brilliant white, this variety of Poinsettia works so well in elegant vases or even in wreaths.

The Emoji Christmas Trend

Pink Poinsettia

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The millennials have taken over Christmas! Emojis are everywhere this year, especially as baubles.

Emoji Baubles


Pick up your favourites – whether it’s the laughing emoji or the doughnut – and place them on your tree with pride.

Pink Poinsettia

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Pink Poinsettias are ideal for this theme, as are the gorgeous sunset types. The colours are so current, and offer romantic and invigorating traits. And, they’ll definitely get the neighbours talking!!

4 Step Poinsettia Success Plan

  1. Avoid draughts and quick changes of temperature (even as you carry it home from the flower shop)!
  2. Your plant will be happier in a cooler room than a warmer one..
  3. ONLY water your plant when the surface of the soil dries out.
  4. Sit your plant on a saucer of pebbles to ensure rich humidity (water in the air) around the plants, though!

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What’s your Christmas theme? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Keith povall

    Whilst Poinsettias are great, I like a Hyacinth, because they smell so good.

    December 16, 2019

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