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Houseplants are still on fire, right across the industry and high street. Here’s a snapshot of the newest kids on the block, some you’ll recognise, others perhaps not so much…


1. Rosebud Primroses


Oh yes, you can grow these sweet little Primroses as a windowsill plant! Perfect for cooler rooms of the house, just make sure they get plenty of light. A refreshing change to a Kalanchoe or Chrysanthemum!


2. Begonia ‘Hotspot’


There are SO MANY foliage Begonias being developed right now, they’ve come a long way from the Begonia Rex I was propagating during my childhood! This metallic beauty is set to become a shelfie favourite, I reckon!


3. Bamboo Orchids (Dendrobium)


These ladder orchids have been rebranded, and it’s super clever! Flowering all the way up the stem, and with each waxy bloom lasting 16 weeks per piece! Boom! That’s a super value houseplant if ever I saw one!


4. Pitaya for Pots


They’re unlikely to grow to harvest inside the house in the UK, but what a nice looking plant the Pitaya is! Fleshy, architectural and great for sunny windows around the house!


5. Fragrant Pot Roses


How often have you put a pot rose to your nose, and detected zero fragrance?? Shelf life was prioritised over fragrance and form for a few years, but technologies have evolved, and now you can have everything you want, in whatever colour you want too!


6. Graffitied Sansevieria


These Snake Plants are actually laser engraved, whether it’s good or bad for the plant remains to be seen though..


7. Mangave


Although primarily being marketed as an outdoor patio crop, these Agave x Manfreda hybrids are soooo cool! The tough, fleshy foliage is ribbed and dotted and toothed, and a whole lot of fun! Drop it into a decorative pot and Bob’s your Uncle!


8. Miniature Paphiopedilum


These cuties have a bright future! An orchid we don’t see on the shelves that often, they’re intriguing and long lasting.


9. Bougainvillea Dwarf


It’s possible to have Bougainvillea in a fraction of the space, and with a lot less fuss. These dwarves are versatile, and bloom at a tiny height. Windowsill, conservatory or patio- choice is yours!


10. Peperomia Trailing Jade


You may have to go some way to beat the cult status of Pilea peperomioides, but the Peperomia in the family are sure having a go! Trailing, or training, this new ‘Jade’ variety is lush and will be suitable for most rooms of the house!


11. Plants for Pets


Did you know that some small-leaved Tradescantia are enjoyed by rabbits as snack fodder?? Why not set some aside for them to munch on?? It’ll keep them away from your prized plants..


12. Poinsettia ‘Mouse’


A strange quirk in the Poinsettia family gave rise to a variety without the usual pointed petals.. ‘Mouse’ has rounded off bracts (the correct term for these coloured leaves that masquerade as petals), very unique. It’s still red, so not too left-field for a traditional audience!


13. Poinsettia ‘Skystar’


Selecta Klemm are known for the ‘constellation’ type Petunias, with spots and dots on strongly coloured backgrounds. Poinsettia ‘Skystar’ gives that same effect, another welcome change to ever-cheapening Poinsettia market..


14. Spider Chrysanthemums


For many years, they were scarce and only grown by Japanese collectors.. however, now we have a mini version of these spectacular Chrysanthemum types. Take my money now!


15. Rainbow Dyed Orchids


A great divider of people, dyed flowers are developing all the time. Some might say they offer a good entry-level purchase for a wannabe-gardener.. so perhaps we shouldn’t be too snooty about things!


16. Table Echeveria


Did you know that a cut Echeveria will last 12 weeks without soil or water? So, why not make it into a table feature, as seen here??


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  • Thanks Michael, nice little piece on houseplants. I will be keeping an eye out for those Bougainvillea Dwarf and the Fragrant Rose.

    February 8, 2020

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