Garden Press Event

An industry event designed to showcase the latest, most exciting products in the gardening world, the Garden Press Event is a highly anticipated day in my calendar! It takes place at the Business Design Centre in London each year, and exhibitors come from all over the UK and Europe to display and talk about their new plants and products.

For me, it’s both a necessity and a pleasure to keep a watchful eye on new products and trends in the gardening world – not only so that I can try them out for myself, but also so that I can show you how to make your gardening life easier and more enjoyable!

I had a good scout around the Garden Press Event for the most exciting and interesting products, and came up with a list of finds that you can read about (and do more of your own research, if they interest you). Here are my 11 Garden Press Event discoveries:

1. Plant Surge


Is this magic or just innovative technology? The newest gardening device to launch in 2020, Plant Surge clips onto any 15mm water pipe or plastic hose and produces a magnetic energy force field to treat standard tap water or well water. The result? a 433% increase in flowers when tested with Pansies and Violas, a 26% increase in Outdoor Cyclamen flowers and a 27% increase in Orchid flowers. Wow!

Find out more about Plant Surge here.

2. Battery mower

Garden Handymower

Who needs cords? Mow your garden freely with the GARDENA HandyMower. It’s powered by an 18volt battery and can mow around 50m2 of grass in 20 minutes – ideal for small gardens! Its light and manouverable body is ideal for those who find it difficult to push a large mower around; plus, it can fit into the tight spaces that your mower can’t!

Find out more about the HandyMower here.

3. New wood paint collection

Thorndown Wood Paint

Not only is quality essential for wood paint – but so is colour! The new Somerset Heritage colour collection from Thorndown celebrates the stunning scenery of Somerset and the town of Glastonbury, where Thorndown paints are made. These beautifully rich colours reflect the hues of the lush fields, rivers, stone and soil, evoking those nostalgic feelings of British summer holidays!

Find out more about this wood paint collection from Thorndown here.

4. Watering timer


Whether you need to keep the plants watered while you’re away on holiday this summer, or you’re just a forgetful gardener, the aquaBloom set from GARDENA provides handy solar-powered irrigation for balconies, patios and gardens. It sucks up water from any container, and water up to 20 plants equally – even if the plants sit at different heights.

Find out more about aquaBloom here.

5. Sticky gravel

Gravel can get messy – but this innovative product from Meadow View allows you to keep your garden gravel neat and tidy! Easihold is a water-based resin fixing spray that keeps the top 5mm of gravel in place, allowing you to have greater control over your garden. It stops gravel being kicked about by pets, children and wind, and you can use it on the surfaces of pots, trough and other outdoor containers.

Find out more about Easihold here.

6. Handy handles

Handling a wheelbarrow in the wrong way can cause injury. But with these revolutionary handles from itip, you can save yourself a lot of pain! The rotating system completely removes the moment when the laden barrow is at mid tipping point of balance, when you need to change position of grip from above to underneath. Excellent for those with mobility and dexterity issues.

Find out more about itip handles here.

7. Fabric plant containers

Root Pouch

These amazing containers from Root Pouch use fabric which is tailored to the different needs of plants. Made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials, these plant containers do not contain toxins and are suitable for growing produce, as well as ornamentals. They allow more excess water to drain than traditional pots, giving plant roots  healthy environment to breathe and grow. Here’s a quick video showing the differences in roots between plants grown with a Root Pouch, in black plastic, and in an air pot:

Find out more about Root Pouch here.

8. Children’s nature activity boxes

These monthly subscription boxes from Mud & Bloom deliver seasonal nature crafts and gardening activities to your door. Each box provides four activities, with everything you need to get going! Made for 3-8 year olds, these boxes are perfect for teaching your children to learn about and have fun with nature.

Find out more about Mud & Bloom here.

9. Smart pot

Darlac WaterMe

This pot will tell you when it needs watering! If you love plants, but you can’t get the hang of the watering schedule, this pot will tell you the exact moment when you need to water your plant. Made by Darlac, the plant pot comes in two designs and will be launching on the market soon!

Find out more about Darlac here.

10. Natural fertiliser

Natural Grower provides natural fertiliser formulations in solid and liquid forms for gardeners who want beautiful results without the chemicals! These natural fertilisers are rich in the nitrogen, potash, phosphate and other trace elements that plants need to thrive. They’re organic approved, as well as being completely natural and vegan friendly.

Natural Grower is also our partner for season 3 of The Plant Based Podcast! Find out more about them on the podcast website here – and look out for season 3, coming on Sunday 8th March.

11. Kenzan


Sometimes called the ‘spiky frog’ in English, the kenzan is an indispensable tool in ikebana flower displays. What is ikebana? It’s an ancient Japanese art of flower arranging that adheres to strict rules, and can take around 3 to 5 years to learn! These Kenzan from Niwaki are supplied with rust-proof brass pins which are strong enough hold up woodier materials as well as soft green and grass stems. Would you try this style of flower arranging?


What’s your favourite innovative product from this event? Let me know in the comments below!

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