As gardeners, I’m sure you’ve tried many formulas and tonics throughout the years, with the aim of giving your plants a boost in size and flower production. However, what if the only thing you needed to give your plants some stimulation was water?

We all know that water is the secret to life on Earth – without it, we wouldn’t exist, and neither would our beautiful plants. But our water varies from area to area; some regions have hard or soft tap water, some have acidic or alkaline, or even tap water that contains chlorine and/or fluoride. As long as these aren’t taken to the extreme, these types of tap water are safe to drink, and we’ve been using our tap water for many years to keep our plants hydrated too.

But what if we took away some of these elements and ‘purified’ our water? This is where water magnetising comes in.

What is water magnetising?

Water magnetising is the treatment of water using magnetic fields. It is used to improve the physical, chemical and bacteriological quality of water in a variety of different applications, including gardening. Some studies show that magnetically treated water reduces the amount of limescale in water pipes, and enhances crop yields with reduced water usage.

This type of treatment is inexpensive and environmentally friendly, with small installation fees and no energy requirements. What’s not to love?

The history of water magnetising


Successful cases of magnetised water usage actually date back over 200 years. A simple experiment consisted of placing large stones in the bottoms of five cast iron soup and laundry kettles, then placing the kettles over fires. Two of the kettles did not have any limescale – it was later found that the rocks placed inside these two kettles were lodestones, which are natural magnetic rocks.


Legendary English scientist Michael Faraday starts researching magneto chemistry.


French company Solavite bring a magnetic treatment device to market.


Russia and other Eastern Bloc countries increase research on magnetic water treatment after acknowledging that the USSR did not have the expertise or funding to enhance the quality of their water, unlike the US. Following the development of successful applications of magnetic treatment devices, research in the West also increased.


Credible institutions begin research on magnetising, including NASA. Many studies showed favourable results, and continue to do so to this day.



Wondering how you can harness this technology for your own plants? The availability of water magnetising devices for the public has been limited, but the recently released Plantsurge is about to change this for everyone.

With a simple device that clips onto your hosepipe, you can grow stronger planst with abundant flowers, and even enjoy healthier fruits and vegetables. It’s an eco-friendly way of improving the way your garden looks and performs, and it lasts a lifetime, with no tools needed for installation.

Once water is energised from Plantsurge it will stay magnetised for up to 100 hours, which means you can use in watering cans or containers without losing benefits.

How it works

Powerful magnetic energy fields can affect the bonding angle between the hydrogen and the oxygen atom in water molecules. This causes the water molecules to cluster together in small groups, which is thought to increase hydration into the root system as well as improving the plants’ nutrient levels.

Plantsurge harnesses this technology, and applies it to the water we use to hydrate our plants!

Examples of Plantsurge success

Details of plant testing results from testing company Sow Successful Ltd in Stowmarket, Suffolk shown pretty impressive results. Plant trials expert Chris Wiley says’ having trialled Plantsurge over 2.5 months to date, initial results for winter plants indicate a substantial increase in flower numbers and colour intensity, compared to plants using non-magnetised water’.

See some of the results below:

Pansies - Plantsurge

– Pansies tested outdoors show an 80% increase in flowers when using Plantsurge.

Violas - Plantsurge

– Violas tested outdoors show a 433% increase in flowers when using Plantsurge.

– Cyclamen tested outdoors show a 26% increase in flowers as well as maintaining high colour retention in the petals when using Plantsurge.

– Cyclamen tested indoors show a 25% increase in flowers as well as maintaining high colour retention in the petals when using Plantsurge, but not as huge a difference as those grown outdoors.

Orchids - Plantsurge

– Orchids tested indoors show a 27% increase in flowers, as well as a very slight increase in flower size when using Plantsurge.

– Lettuce seeds sown outdoors show a slight height increase from week 5 when using Plantsurge.


Plantsurge answer your questions

Independent plants trials were carried to test the Plantsurge device in comparative testing against tap water. Plantsurge have simply reported on the results. They can supply you with the quantitative data and testing protocols. Please email them at: or alternatively you can contact Sow Successful at:
“The water used in the Plantsurge trials was hard mains water, soluble feed was not used in these trials, the compost used was Which? Best Buy Incredicompost. The water used was not stored after magnetic treatment.”
“We state quite clearly in all our literature after advice from magnetic water scientists that there is no consensus about how magnetic water works to benefit plants. Plantsurge technology is used in commercial water descaling, there are thousands of research papers on this concept. Our aim is to share the results of comparison plant trials with gardeners and plant lovers; if the device proves beneficial then customers will enjoy using the product, if not then they can return it within the 365-day full money back guarantee.”

The device costs £29.95 from It comes with a 365 day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. You can call their Customer Support Telephone number on 020 8211 3666 for any enquiries.

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  • James McDonald

    great article Michael, accurate and honest, the key issue is that after 1000’s of research papers, concepts and theories scientists still don’t know exactly how magnetic water works. That’s the nature of water though, and it’s perfectly okay for gardeners to accept this fact because personal testimony, field studies and plant trials don’t lie, magnetic water offers benefits to plants and it certainly does no harm. Albert Einstein once quoted ‘ imagination is more powerful than knowledge’ – as the manufacturer of Plantsurge, just imagine how much brighter vibrant your gardens and plants will look using magnetic water, if it doesn’t, just send the product back and get a full refund!

    March 25, 2020

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