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I’ve named my top five indestructible plants – ones that you can plant and forget about. These plants have more superhero qualities than The Avengers! They’re tough, drought-tolerant and weather-resistant – rain, wind or shine, they can take a beating! Read on to find out what they are…

The Indestructibles



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Also known as the African Daisy, Osteospermum is a very pretty flower – but don’t let its cute appearance fool you. This daisy won’t wilt at the first sign of neglect! It was made for surviving periods of drought, thanks to its evolution in the dry, arid climate of the African continent.

Osteospermum Purple Sun (pictured) is a large-flowering beauty for summer gardens. Its yellow/orange petal tips melt into a deep, luscious, purple ring that surrounds the heart of the flower, creating a mystical and eye catching display of colour. The colour purple is associated with luxury, power, and ambition, while yellow means happiness, clarity and energy – so if these are qualities that you want to bring into your garden, these flowers are perfect for you!

Plant Osteospermum Purple Sun in patio pots, on terraces or balconies, in sunny borders or in rockeries for a colourful floral display from June to October. Best suited to full sun in well draining soil, this brilliant low maintenance plant will thrive if left alone for a while.

Hardy Geraniums

Hardy Geranium

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The most popular perennials in Britain, Hardy Geraniums can last 10 years or more with minimal care! A staple for any garden, these plants can grow in any soil and can be positioned in sun or shade – no need to worry about where your garden is facing!

Hardy Geraniums produce intermittent flowers over a period of around five months and are available in a spectrum of cool shades, from white, to deep pink and purple.

Got kids? The Hardy Geranium is ideal for a family garden. They can survive being stood on or even have a football kicked at them, and they’ll still be as happy as anything.



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Known commonly as the Butterfly Bush, Buddleja (or Buddleia) comprises over 140 varieties. Not only is there a variety for every garden, but most are super tough! 

This iconic cottage garden plant can suffer a pruning at the hands of an amateur gardener without so much as wincing – it’ll spring back before you know it thanks to its quick growth rate! 

It flowers endlessly (great if you want lots of pollinating butterflies to visit your garden) and it smells just delicious. Not to mention, those famous purple flowers are a delight to the eyes.


Hemerocallis - daylily

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An Asian native plant, the Hemerocallis causes much confusion due to its common name, ‘daylily’. In fact, it’s not a Lily at all. It’s part of the family Asphodelaceae while the Lily is part of the family Liliaceae. You can tell the difference straight away in the leaves: Hemerocallis leaves grow at the soil line, while Lilies grow leaves all the way up the stem.

Hemerocallis is a great plant-and-forget flower. It lasts for years and is rarely affected by pests or diseases. Growing in thick, grassy clumps, it’s easy to split if you want to grow more of it. 

This plant produces flowers effortlessly and profusely when placed in a sunny position with well-draining soil. Simply water occasionally and you’ll benefit from a fantastic procession of blooms with minimal effort.

Trailing Geraniums

Trailing Geraniums

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A gorgeous, bushy plant for hanging baskets and window box, Trailing Geraniums thrive in sunny positions (which is why they’re ever so popular in Mediterranean countries!). 

Producing a beautiful explosion of colour in summer, these plants pretty much take care of themselves with a natural ‘no deadheading needed’ feature! Instead of snipping off any dead flowers, they simply fall to the ground as the plant engages in a self-cleaning process that saves you oodles of time and effort.

Your indestructible garden

Whether you lack the time, ability or enthusiasm to care for a fussy garden, these flowers make creating your low-maintenance, indestructible garden a breeze. It’s all too easy to pave over a garden – but with a tiny bit of effort and planning, you can create an outdoor space that functions the way you want it to.

Which indestructible plant is your favourite? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  • Geraldine Massey

    About 5 years ago I purchased Claire Austin hardy geraniums from QVC in shades of light & dark pink & purple, planted them in beds & borders great ground cover, consequently less weeds, & there still going strong, just love them.
    Kind Regards Geraldine

    May 1, 2020
  • Hilary Bassett

    Echinops because they are different, they are blue, and insects love them.

    May 8, 2020
  • Excellent article!
    Loved to know all these infos, and all about these flowers.
    I’m going to get some of them! And I’ll give as a gift to some of my lazy friends, lol.

    May 31, 2020

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