You’ll have seen that Garden Day is taking place this year, and there will be lots of virtual garden celebrations taking place up and down the country – find out more in our special episode of The Plant Based Podcast! You can join me on the day for an exclusive quiz, as part of the Garden Day zoom timetable, click here for more details.

You can ALSO join me for an exclusive houseplant party on my own Instagram! I’ll be on Instagram Live at 6pm in the evening, showing you all my wonderful houseplants, inviting you into the chat, and giving you the chance to win a few prizes!

Now, part of enjoying Garden Day is about making a flower crown, and I’ve put together a guide to making one for less than £10 – find out more here.

But, how about something you can do with your houseplants?! If you can bear to borrow a few flowers from your orchids, or snaffle a few cuttings from your begonias and such, you could actually make a houseplant headband, and wear it to my houseplant party!

Here’s how I created my “houseplant headband”…

What you’ll need

  • A selection of houseplant cuttings (between 5-8 different plants). I’ve used Schefflera, Ferns, Phalaenopsis (orchid), Monstera Monkey Mask, Weeping Fig, Polka Dot Begonia and Anthurium.
  • Sharp, clean scissors
  • Alice band
  • Florist wire
  • Florist tape

How to make it

Houseplant headband

1. Take some cuttings from each of your selected plants. You want at least an inch of stem to be able to wrap wire around.

Houseplant headband

2. Think about where you want to position your cuttings along the Alice band. I think larger cuttings look nicer along the sides of the head – but play around with them and see how you feel!

3. Lay the first cutting along the band and secure in place with the florist wire by wrapping it around both the stem and the Alice band. The secure in place with tape to stop the wire poking into your head. Repeat all the way along the band.

Houseplant headband

That’s all it takes! Now enjoy your houseplant headband!

Planning to make your own houseplant headband? Tell me which plants you would include, in the comments below.

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