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As many things have changed this year, there won’t be any “Flower Trials” in Holland and Germany. This is usually a key moment in the horticulture calendar, and a time when more than 60 breeding companies open their greenhouse doors and show their new developments.

I’ve been visiting every year for as long as I can remember, you can see some of my previous reports here. You may recognise some of those plants, as they are now common plants that we grow in our beds and borders.

However, just because the event isn’t going ahead in 2020, doesn’t mean there aren’t new plants to show off. Here is my guide to some of the highlights coming through, and plants that could indeed be grown in your 2021 garden.

Plus, just for fun, I’m asking you to vote for your favourite in each category. From environmentally friendly plants to show-off patio plants, we’ve got it all, and they’re all waiting for your vote! ** VOTING IS NOW CLOSED **


The next top eco plant

Plants that need less water, varieties that take up less garden centre floor space, perfect first time plants for beginners…


**WINNER** Corydalis Porcelain Blue – by AllPlants


Corydalis Porcelain Blue - AllPlants


A refreshingly different plant for patios and borders alike! Blue flowered specimens always catch the eye – and this Corydalis flowers intermittently from spring to autumn, with no summer dormancy. Bold ground cover for awkward shady spots.


Begonia Big – by Benary


Begonia Big - by Benary


This Begonia is a cost saver for gardeners, thanks to the increased ground coverage from the buxom plants, each one easily filling a cubic foot in space in a bed or border. Clear colours, lush foliage and exceptionally long blooming too.


Anigozanthus Kings Park – by Ramm


Anigozanthus Kings Park - Ramm


A relatively unknown plant which is set to feature more and more in borders, thanks to its carefree attitude! A native of Western Australia, the Kangaroo Paw features bold flowers, and a rich clumping habit.


Thunbergia Sunny Susy – by GGG


Thunbergia and planter


Rapid growth, lush foliage, colourful blooms – what’s not to love with this eco choice? Modern breeding has extended the range of Black Eyed Susan colours beyond our wildest dreams too!


Lavender Cleo Patio – by Evanthia


Lavender Cleo Patio - Evanthia


Mediterranean style plants need far less watering, so are a great choice for eco gardens, and suit beginners perfectly. This new compact variety is excellent for pots and small gardens, with zero compromise on fragrance and colour!


Petunia Purple Tie Dye – by Pan American


Petunia Purple Tie Dye - Pan American


From the ground hugging Wave Series, these Petunias can help suppress weeds and keep the moisture locked in to borders, thanks to its dense growth. This new mix has some awesome purple shades too!


Petunia Scoop – by Danziger


Petunia Scoop - Danziger


An economical choice for garden centre owners, Petunia Scoop stays neat and tidy on the bench, yet translates into a branching, well behaved border plant. Fantastic mix of colours and all weather performance.


Dianthus IQ – by Floranova


Dianthus IQ - Floranova


A new hybrid which holds its blooms in an umbrella style, on the tips of each stem. Another ground hugging plant, cost effective and a customer favourite for impulse purchases.




The next top show-off plant

The varieties that will get the neighbours talking! Showpiece plants, and interesting specimens for the adventurous!


**WINNER** Petunia Midnight Gold – by Florensis


Petunia Midnight Gold

This petunia absolutely has the wow factor; with multilayered deep purple blooms, etched with gold. A cascading habit, and respectable weather tolerance too.



Hibiscus Sunny Cities – by Agriom


Hibiscus Sunny Cities - by Agriom


The star of a sunny summer patio, hibiscus breeding has come on leaps and bounds! Sunny Cities flower perpetually, and have the perfect patio branching style, not to mention the high resolution colours!!


Silene Desert Glow – by Hem Genetics


Silene Desert Glow - Hem Genetics


A fantastic dual purpose bedding or herbaceous border plant! Adaptable Silene attract bees and butterflies, and Desert Glow is prized for its laced blossoms too!


Gerbera Patio Glorious – by Florist


Gerbera Patio Glorious - Florist

The breeding programme in Gerbera continues with abandon! The gregarious patio varieties now have a set of flamboyant doubles, with huge disc blooms on strong plants. An unapologetic splash of colour for an urban space.


Rhododendron Devil – by Hortinno


Rhododendron Devil - Hortinno

A voluptuous plant for the patio gardens with a height of just over a metre. Oversized scarlet red blooms clothe the candelabra plants each spring too!


Mandevilla Amethyst Violet – by DHMI


Mandevilla Amethyst Violet - DHMI


The first of its kind, this purple shade indicates a breeding breakthrough for this intriguing summer climber! The perfect choice for growing on an obelisk on a sunny patio!


Celosia Kelos – by Beekenkamp


Celosia Kelos - Beekenkamp


The perfect revival for an easy to grow and super colourful plant, Celosia are definitely something different! Bred for patio, yet still suits growing as a houseplant too.


Petunia Crazytunia Peach – by Westhoff


Petunia Crazytunia Peach - Westhoff


A melting pot of exciting genetics, the Crazytunia is a set of rule breakers, and this peach combo is no exception! Strong, weatherproof and recognisable as a easy grow plant.



The next top indoor plant

There are houseplants for every windowsill of the home, and they don’t have to be just foliage either… there’s now plenty of flowering options, as you’ll discover!


**WINNER** Phalaenopsis Banana Chocolate – by Dummen Orange


Phalaenopsis Chocolate Dream - Dummen Orange


Plants only 25cm tall, but with 25 flowers a piece! Miniature orchids are perfect gift items, easy to care for, and the sexy flowers last an exceptionally long time too!


Begonia Sweeties – Koppe


Begonia Sweeties - Koppe


Plants only 25cm tall, but with 25 flowers a piece! Miniature orchids are perfect gift items, easy to care for, and the sexy flowers last an exceptionally long time too!


Cyclamen Smartiz Red – by Morel


Cyclamen Smartiz Red - Morel


World class breeding and a new rich red colour! Strong pot cyclamen for cool season impact on the patio, as well as indoor use!


Curcuma – by KP Holland


Curcuma - KP Holland


An exotic specimen, which is easier to grow than it may appear. The large extravagant blooms persist for a long period above strappy foliage.


Euphorbia Queen – by Queen DK


Euphorbia Queen - Queen DK


From a company setting new standards in Euphorbia breeding, this is a brand-new class of houseplant, with all year, and a quite striking appearance.


Orchid Cocoons – by Hassinger


Orchid Cocoons - Hassinger


An innovation that helps you to achieve the perfect conditions for unusual orchids with specific climate requirements. Perfect for the desktop, or windowsill in the home.


Dianthus Merci Fleuri – by Kientzler


Dianthus Merci Fleuri - Kientzler


A fantastic little windowsill carnation, this is designed to be given as a thank you present! Plants are blooming for many months of the year, and stay compact and tidy.


Phalaenopsis Pulsation – by Sion Orchids


Phalaenopsis Pulsation - Sion Orchids


Distinctive colours and markings, this strong range of orchids are premium, and have great durability as a houseplant.



The next top remixed plant

A selection of plants that you may recognise, but they’ve been remixed with new breeding, new colours, and other improvements!


**WINNER** Strawberry Summer Breeze Rose – by ABZ Seeds


Strawberry Summer Breeze Rose - ABZ Seeds


A breeding revolution that transforms the humble strawberry into an attractive border and basket plant! Rich red flowers, give way to super sweet fruits in next to no time!


Xerochrysum Granvia Pink Flame – by Cohen 


Xerochrysum Granvia Pink Flame - Cohen 


You may recognise this strawflower from the 80s, but the breeders have gone back to the drawing board and created this amazing giant plant! 1 foot in diameter, and the blooms aren’t small either, 6 inches across, and lasting for months!


Chrysanthemum Milkshake Mums – by Royal Van Zanten


Chrysanthemum Milkshake Mums - Royal Van Zanten


A selection of new chrysanthemums in fruity colours, they’re modern, fresh, and suitable for borders and pots.


Rose Plant n Relax – by Roses Forever


Rose Plant n Relx - by Roses Forever

Some say this is the ideal garden rose! The Plant n Relax range are easy to grow, good coloured, and with big strong flowers, carrying a fruity layered fragrance.


Nasturtium Baby Orange – by Takii


Nasturtium Baby Orange - Takii


Nasturtiums have come a long way! Rather than being a big cabbage without flowers, this new variety has a smaller habit, and blooms that are held above the foliage, loud and proud!


x Petchoa BeautiCal – by Sakata


x Petchoa BeautiCal - Sakata


A revolutionary hybrid between petunias and the million bells (Calibrachoa), the colour ranges are phenomenal. Not only that, the blooms are big and floppy, yet still weatherproof!


Dianthus DiaDeur – by Selecta


Dianthus DiaDeur Selecta


All too often, you buy a bunch of carnations, and they have zero fragrance. How about growing a living bouquet? These pot carnations have been selected for their height, but also their clove like fragrance. They’re really quite remarkable!


Impatiens Imara – by Syngenta


Impatiens Imara - Syngenta


When Busy Lizzies succumbed to downy mildew a few years ago, gardeners were left with few other options. Breeders have taken a few years to release a resistant variety, but now it’s here, it’s becoming very popular. The same fruity colour mix you love, and can be grown sun or shade!


The next top edible

And finally, here is a selection of new edibles that you can grow on the patio!!


**WINNER** Tomato Heartbreakers – by Prudac


Tomato Heartbreakers Prudac


A super patio tomato, with a branching short habit. However, the real excitement is in the fruits, each one is heart-shaped, and super sweet too!



Sweet Potato Treasure Island – by Hilverda


Sweet Potato Treasure Island - Hilverda


Finally, a sweet potato that you can grow in a range of different climates. Furthermore, these have decorative foliage too, which means they are dual purpose, so a vegetable that can also be used as an ornamental!


Potato Patio Adessa – by Volmary


Potato Adessa - Volmary


A very exciting innovation, these are potatoes that can be grown from seed. They are also specially selected to be grown easily in patio pots, hence its nickname the “easy grow potato”!


Lavandula Lavinia – by Padana


Lavandula Lavinia - Padana


A new type of French lavender, which stands out for the beauty of its fringed blooms. Early to bloom, and longer lasting than most. Balloons are edible, and can be used to decorate cakes.



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  • Val Shaw

    Loving the New Plants would love them all
    The new 💓 shape Tomato looks stunning.

    June 7, 2020
  • Elaine

    Very interesting details on each beautiful plant shown

    June 7, 2020
  • Carole Smith

    I could have chosen so many , there’s a lot here I’ll be looking out for in the future

    June 7, 2020
  • Patricia Long

    Spoilt for choice, love the new tomatoes

    June 7, 2020
  • Roz Hadaway

    Really difficult to choose one one from each category I agree. I loved them all!!
    Happy gardening everyone.

    June 7, 2020
  • Some Real Difficult decisions to make Michael.

    June 7, 2020
  • Joyce blackman

    The decision was not easy

    June 7, 2020
  • Elaine

    I found my answers to be easy , loved the choices though

    June 7, 2020
  • Gail Paremain

    I need Phalanopsis Chocolate Dream in my life, please bring it to QVC

    June 7, 2020
  • Isabel Barra

    They are all so incredibly beautiful and unique, which made it very hard to choose…love them all! 🧡💛💗

    June 7, 2020
  • Dorothy Ward

    Loving all the new varieties, really spoilt for choice so went with my heart.

    June 8, 2020
  • Mary

    Beautiful and interesting selection of plants.
    Difficult to select a favourite as I would love to grow them all.

    June 8, 2020
  • Maureen

    Love all the plants, really … but happy to select one that’s a tad more desirable than its rivals! Thanks for this … very interesting.

    June 8, 2020
  • Veronica Faux

    It was very difficult to choose. If I could I would choose them all, but chose with my heart.

    June 8, 2020
  • Patricia Long

    I really love looking and enjoying what others have,I’m an old bird now n have seen many things, biggest surprise would to see Michael in my garden, i don’t do all the marking out its higlty piglty ,I’m still on this wretched lockdown n my garden has been my saviour, I’m out there most days pottering when I can it’s very mentally calming,love too hear from you ,love pat long.

    July 6, 2020
  • Ruthie Armstead

    Loved voting on these. It’s so interesting seeing the results.

    July 6, 2020

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