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The excitement of the great British BBQ is in the air! You can almost taste it – literally! If you’re planning on kickstarting the summer by inviting your friends or family round for a socially distanced BBQ, I’ve put together a guide on how you can do it safely and in style!


Socially distanced BBQ

Preparing your garden

Although the weather was glorious this spring, it took a bit of a turn in many parts of the UK when June began. If your garden has been battered by the late spring winds and rain, it’s best to start clearing up well before your guests arrive so that you can focus on being an expert cook!

One multi-purpose tool that can help you clean up quickly and efficiently is a Multi-Functional 3-in-1 Garden Tool. It’s composed of four tools: a rake, broom, weeding knife and wire brush patio scrubber.


Multi-Functional 3-in-1 Garden Tool


The angled bristles of the broom make it easy to use on lawns, gravel or patios to sweep up even the smallest debris. Clear away leaves, soil that has been blown from pots or beds, and other mess to transform your garden before your eyes. It’s amazing how different a garden can look after a few minutes spent raking and sweeping!


Multi-Functional 3-in-1 Garden Tool


Use the weeding knife head to scrape out unsightly weeds and moss between paving slabs or decking. It’s amazing how quickly weed and moss can accumulate in the right conditions – with the rain and sun that we’ve experienced lately, it’s no wonder if you’ve got a little bit of work to do in this area. The weeding knife head easily cuts through weeds and removes moss to leave your patio or decking looking good as new.


Multi-Functional 3-in-1 Garden Tool


The wire brush patio scrubber has a range of uses. Firstly, you can use it to obliterate any remaining moss or debris from your patio or driveway. Secondly, you can use it to clean off brickwork, for example brick walls, pathways or benching, and other similar surfaces. Lastly, you can use it to clean up old, rusted metal – so if you’ve got a metal shed, gates, bench or more, you can give them a good scrub to get rid of signs of ageing.

The Multi-Functional 3-in-1 Garden Tool is available now on QVC.


Socially distanced BBQ

Bringing your garden to life



Now that you’ve got all that clearing up out of the way, it’s time to bring forth your garden’s true potential. If you’ve got a bit of time before the date of your BBQ, feed your lawn with Lawn Magic to encourage abundant, healthy greenery.

With its new and improved formula featuring added sugars for extra resilience and to help fight fungal diseases, this product is a must-have for revitalising your summer garden.




If your lawn is already in shape and all it needs is a trim, use this Cordless Lawnmower to cut your grass without an annoying power cord getting in the way. With this mower, you can move around your lawn quickly and easily, even if you’ve got a large garden (it’s ideal for gardens up to 500m squared).




Finally, neaten up any hedges, trees and shrubs with a pair of sharp, sturdy shears to make the job as easy as possible. With these Tri Blade Shears with Telescopic Handles, there’s no need to put your back out by bending down to trim low-lying shrubs, or risk an unstable ladder to shape trees. These shears can be extended to reach tricky places while keeping smooth and steady with shock-absorbing buffers. Your garden will look like a show garden in no time at all!


Socially distanced BBQ

Added extras to entertain your guests

Bird feeder


While you’re slaving away over a delicious BBQ meal for your guests, keep them entertained by attracting nature to your garden! The dawn chorus has been louder than usual during lockdown (thanks to a reduction in cars on the roads and whatnot), so why not bring some of that joy into your garden with a bird feeder or two? These Daily Goodness Nuggets come with a feeder, and contain soft suet, seeds and mealworms to attract younger wild birds with little beaks.


Bird drinking from outdoor tap


Or how about a water feature? The soothing sounds and beautiful appearance of this Elephant Water Fountain will definitely be a talking point for your guests. If you place it a little way from your seating area, you may even find that birds will flock to it to drink and wash themselves, providing even more enjoyment.


Garden lighting


Hosting an evening BBQ? Then you’ll need some fabulous lighting! These Solar Lanterns collect energy during the day, and at night create patterns on your lawn and walls thanks to the geometric designs in the metal. They even change colour from red, to blue, to green.

Now for the pièce de résistance

What’s the one essential that no BBQ should go without? The BBQ itself, of course! 


Electric BBQ


The Kalorik Electric BBQ is the future of BBQing! Powered completely by electricity, this BBQ ensures that you don’t release harmful coal pollutants into the environment, and it significantly reduces fire hazards. The electric plate also allows you to cook food evenly with less chance of burning your tasty al fresco meal! 

For those who are short on space, this BBQ is ideal – it’s 68cm in width and 45cm in depth, meaning that you can neatly tuck it away when not in use.


Meat selection


Now, if you’re BBQing for omnivores, you’ll likely need to buy some meat! Tick all the boxes with this 30 Piece Summer BBQ British Meat Selection. It contains premium quality meat sourced from trusted UK producers, including four mouth-watering sirloin steaks, six juicy beef burgers, two six-piece packs of classic pork sausages and plenty more. 

Are you excited for BBQ season? Tell me who you’re excited to see at your BBQ this summer!

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