I was super lucky to have a sneak behind the scenes at Thompson and Morgan this week. For many years, they’ve been enjoying a bounty of new varieties created by their own in-house breeding team. With a focus on easy to grow annuals, here’s my pick of a few that are coming on. They won’t be available until next spring though, so you’ll need to be patient!

1. Calendula Crown Prince

Calendula Crown Prince

The much loved English Marigold, with a twist! These blooms are bright and vibrant, and particularly distinctive with the unusual cresting. They are a doddle to grow, and can be sown almost anywhere, giving you blooms within just 10 weeks.


2. New style Cosmos

Tulip-flowered Cosmos

I was very lucky to be able to look at the full set of selections for Cosmos, and managed to pick up a few different shapes! Rather than having five petals, these unique Cosmos have just one, which creates a very unusual cup! An excellent border plant, great for cutting, and long-lasting!


3. Antirrhinum Cherry Cola

Antirrhinum Cherry Cola

I have loved snapdragons ever since I was a kid, however these are open-bloomed, almost orchid-like, varieties. The lovely shade of pink is offset by the deep ruby red foliage too. Easy to go, great for beginners, and often bouncing back in year two.


4. Pink Blush Zantedeschia

Pink Blush Zantedeschia

The Calla Lily always looks so majestic, but here’s one with a bit of a twist, thanks to a unique pink blush through the centre. A buxom border plant for a moist soil, or wide patio pot.


5. French Marigold Daisy Wheel

French Marigold Daisy Wheel

This fantastic French Marigold is very unique; each of the petals are smaller than usual, giving a really cool daisywheel effect. A familiar plant, simple to grow, and performs in any conditions.


6. Apricot Cosmos

Apricot Cosmos

Cosmos are incredibly popular right now, and with good reason. They are frothy, border filling plants, with blooms in so many interesting shades and shapes. This selection has taken a lot of years to create, and has a very special apricot glow – check out the darker backs to each petal too! Beaut!


7. Frilly Double Hollyhocks

Frilly Double Hollyhocks

Achingly flamboyant, this is the double-flowered form of the common Hollyhock. The presence of hundreds of petals gives a pom-pom effect, and the apricot warmth is divine! This is an excellent perennial plant, with that typical cottage garden vibe.

Find out more about Thompson and Morgan‘s current varieties, by visiting their website.

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  • Wow!!

    I absoulety love the calendula, marigolds and cosmos.

    Looking forward to seeing these in the spring. Are they available as seeds or plants only?

    Stay Safe

    July 3, 2020
  • Patricia Long

    Adore the new cosmos, so elegantly beautiful

    July 6, 2020
  • Patricia Long

    I already have agapanthus twister pure elegance, standing proud

    July 6, 2020
  • Patricia Long

    Cala lily, I have many love em so elegant with many colurs, the new pink blush is a stunner

    July 6, 2020
  • Barry Bullock

    I like that holly hock cant wait for it to come out and that canna lilies is beautiful i will have to keep watching BAZ

    September 10, 2020

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