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Hiring services to clean your outdoor area can be quick and convenient, but the costs do add up. If you’re trying to save money this year, there’s one easy way to cut down on spending – do your outdoor cleaning jobs yourself. However, if you’re short on time, or you don’t want to/can’t do hours of back-breaking work due to physical issues, there’s one tool that can practically do it all for you. Read on to find out more…

How much does it cost to clean windows, gutters, and more?

There are a lot of factors that can influence outdoor cleaning costs, such as location, the size of the area needing cleaning, and the experience of the cleaning company. However, these are the average costs that I’ve found for each cleaning service:

  • Windows (3-bed semi with conservatory) – £15
  • Guttering (5m) – £30
  • Patio or deck cleaning (4m2) – £25
  • Driveway (5m2) – £50
  • Car (simple hand wash) – £6

That adds up to £126! Even if you only use these services once every two months, that still adds up to £756 per year. You could be spending that money on a holiday! 

So what’s the alternative?

You don’t need to get on your hands and knees to scrub your driveway, or risk your life on a ladder trying to clean your upstairs windows. You don’t even need to do anything strenuous, as there’s one extremely handy tool that can solve all your outdoor cleaning issues. All you need to do is hold it…

Telescopic cleaning set for easy outdoor cleaning

Telescopic cleaning set


If you want to save money but you’re worried about cleaning your outdoor area yourself, this telescopic cleaning set is for you (coming soon to QVC). Extending up to three meters in length, this tool can be used with your garden hose pipe for easy maneuvering. It features everything you need to upgrade your maintenance routine, including a floor brush, car brush, soap dispenser, angled pole and much more.

A head for heights

Extending from 1.28m to 3m (4ft to 9ft 8″), this cleaning kit can reach the places a regular brush can’t. Easily clean your upstairs windows with the squeegee or get to grips with the grime on your conservatory roof with the round brush, just attach your tool to the telescopic pole and get started.

Targeted water power

This innovative water-fed cleaning tool fits onto your garden hose and features a soap dispenser for extra cleaning power, an adjustable eight-position nozzle and an angled pole that allows you to stand away from any falling water when cleaning high surfaces.

Telescopic cleaning set


Brush up on your cleaning 

A plethora of attachments including a round brush, a car brush, a floor brush, and a squeegee means this tool offers an easy-to-use solution for every cleaning job around your home. From patios and decking, to windows and conservatories, to the family car and more. There is an ideal tool for every job with this set.

Bonus garden watering feature!

If you’ve got large beds and borders, or an allotment or plot that needs watering, this tool helps you reach larger areas with the use of the extending pole. No need to stretch to make sure the hose is watering the plants at the back of the garden!

Coming soon to QVC.



Priced at just £35 plus p&p, you’re saving yourself £721 in cleaning costs in a year! What would you do with the extra cash?

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