Whilst the pandemic has been devastating for many events, some have benefitted, as companies push for innovation and new ways of connecting with audiences further afield.

For the first time ever, YOU, the consumer, will have access to the premier Dutch Plant Fair, Plantarium. The main focus of the event is trees, shrubs and perennials, and is set in the heart of the main production region, Boskoop. A comprehensive set of growers will be available through live chat; with 360° photography of new plants, and a full live streaming ‘Greenspiration’ seminar programme. Access is available to growers, buyers, product developers and consumers.




This year’s digital event will be streamed over two days from Wednesday 2nd September to Thursday 3rd September, and I’m super happy to be ‘virtually hosting’ the majority of the event, as we introduce innovative growers, discussions and new product forums. I’ll also be creating content over the show days, and you can expect my social media platforms to have plenty of new plant teasers!

It’s pretty unique that consumers will have access to such a trade space, and we want to make the most of that with our ‘People’s Choice’ awards. Each day on IGTV, I will be introducing a new plant to you, and you get the chance to vote for which one will be listed in garden centres and nurseries!



I’ll also be helping to connect people around the world, thanks to a series of ‘trend and new product’ mini presentations from some of my good friends and contacts… plant lovers from Tilburg to Tokyo!

During the Digital Plantarium Show, the winner of the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society novelty award will also be announced! Last year’s Hydrangea ‘Whitelight’ has gone from strength to strength since scooping the award this time last year!



In 2019, 150 exhibitors took part, with 11,000 visitors flooding through the show doors. This year, we think we can beat that number, as a digital event is open and accessible to everyone, not just the real-life attendees. Plantarium Digital has potential to become a key horticultural platform during 2020, and one that may set the blueprint for future horticultural events, where real-life and virtual elements unite to create one lovely plant package!

Here’s a peek at who’s taking part:

Gardengirls Series by Heidezüchtung

The intriguing Gardengirls Series of Heathers give excess blooming, thanks to buds that never develop into full flower, thus staying colourful from late summer into the winter. Such a crowd pleasing plant!


Colourful Perennials and more, by AllPlant BV

AllPlant have increased their interesting perennial range over the years, and for 2020, they bring some special new shades of Echinacea, and super strong Delphiniums!

The world of Hydrangea by Lendert de Vos

Becoming more popular by the day, Hydrangea breeding is still developing at breakneck pace too! With macrophylla and paniculata equally popular with consumers, Lendert has something for everyone!


Climbers and Shrubs by Johan Stolwijk & Zonen

A traditional tree nursery, which has now expanded into a comprehensive range of clematis, climbers and shrubs, including the new crimson-red leaved Blueberry. Top quality, and with many loyal customers worldwide.


New and Unique Plants by Plantipp BV

The team at Plantipp search the world over for new and unusual plants, and the marketing they prepare is always fresh and exciting. This year, they are set to launch the trendy new Mangave plants, which were modelled by yours truly….


New Plants by Van Vliet

With their finger on the pulse for new shrubs and tough perennials, Van Vliet are bringing some interesting Hebe and a very striking new type of Pampas Grass!


Shrubs as cut flowers by Kolster BV

A super interesting range, encompassing cut stems of shrubs for floristry interest, such as the ‘Magical’ Hypericum series. Big developer of Hydrangeas too, which also sit in the ‘Magical’ category.


Shrubs and Small Trees by Van Son & Koot

A thriving nursery with a comprehensive range of unique shrubs, thanks to their worldwide contacts and plant hunting expeditions. From hedging Magnolia to patio Eucalyptus!




Follow the Plantarium Digital event– which runs Wednesday 2nd September to Thursday 3rd September– by clicking here.

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  • Rod

    Hi Michael, I have tried to register for the backstage plant show pass, but it is so hard to do. It asks for a company name. I don’t have a company, I am just a newbie gardener, who as a new found interest. Is it just for growers and the trade…

    Like your newsletter.

    August 4, 2020
  • Rod

    Thanks Michael.

    August 5, 2020

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