Clean Art

You might think that there are only so many things you can do with a pressure washer: clean dirty walls and paving, wash down your car, blast grime off outdoor furniture… But I bet you haven’t thought about clean art. 

What is clean art?

Clean art has become a viral sensation in recent years thanks to online video and the feeling of satisfaction we get from watching someone clean. However, it’s a little more complex than watching someone write ‘clean me’ on the back of a dirty van with their finger. Clean art is often large scale (sometimes covering entire walls, driveways and patios), with patterned or mural-like designs, and may take hours to complete.

It is often created with a pressure washer, especially on surfaces with heavy grime that’s difficult to cut through with a hose. Lower down, I’ll tell you about the perfect pressure washer to use for both outdoor cleaning and creating clean art, but before that, here are just a few examples of this unique art form to inspire you…


Clean Art

By Dianna Wood of The Wood’s Secret Garden blog, created using a pressure washer on her driveway.


Art around the side of a swimming pool by Omg Videos on YouTube.


Clean Art

By Manou Bendon at Clean art backdrop to Daniel Shea RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.


Clean art

By Imgur poster regoapps, created using a pressure washer on a pavement using tape stencils.


Clean art

Amazing floor stenciling by Pinterest user Jill Webb, created using a power washer and stencil.


A huge driveway mural created by YouTuber Ron Burkett during lockdown.


Which pressure washer to use

With so many pressure washers available, it can be difficult picking the right one, whether you’re creating clean art or using it to actually clean your outside space and furniture!


Pressure washer


The Greenworks G30 Home and Garden Pressure Washer comes highly recommended. It boasts a powerful 1500w motor, delivers an impressive 120 bar of pressure, and features a six metre hose and a raft of essential accessories, including:

  • trigger gun and pressure lance
  • patio cleaner
  • extension shaft
  • foam sprayer
  • variable nozzle
  • turbo nozzle
  • wash brush


Pressure washer


Changing accessories isn’t tricky, either. Using a click fitting, the accessories can be quickly and easily swapped out between cleaning jobs. For example, you can use the handy 10″ patio cleaner to make light work of larger surface areas, then change to the wash brush that is perfect for leaving vehicles and windows shining. The extension shaft fits the attachments and allows you to work at a more comfortable height, no matter what job you are doing.

The variable nozzle

The variable nozzle allows you to adjust the pressure depending on the surface you are cleaning, the turbo nozzle is designed to focus and increase the pressure by up to 30%, as the rotating jet tackles ground-in dirt that has built up over the years, while the foam sprayer allows you to easily distribute the right amount of cleaning detergent in the form of a thick foam that clings to surfaces and starts to breakdown the dirt before cleaning.


Pressure washer


What can you clean with this pressure washer?

Alongside wonderfully creative clean art, there are a myriad of things that you can clean using this pressure washer.

Been for a staycation or haven’t cleaned your car in a while? Use it to make your car look brand new! It also works its magic on bikes, patios, decking, brickwork and windows! The G30 gives you ultimate control, making it a fantastic addition to your garden power equipment.

Get it here at QVC.

Cleaning or clean art?

There’s so much that can be done with this pressure washer, why make the choice between cleaning or clean art! You could clean your patio, but create a stunning clean art display on your driveway! Which would you do? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • I found your post on clean art really interesting. It’s a great way to make art and give them as gifts or keep it for yourself. I liked the idea of giving someone an experience where they get to create something themselves with their own hands.

    September 14, 2021
  • jessica

    Thanks for posting that awesome article! I loved reading your review of the Muc-Off pressure washer kit.

    December 14, 2021
  • Chris

    Inspiring! Are you aware of the powerwashed mural that celebrated S. African artist William Kentridge did in Rome Italy on a wall next to the River Tiber?

    August 11, 2022

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