Introducing ‘Houseplant of the Month’, a new addition to my Plant of the Month series! This new series is an answer to the plant world’s burgeoning love of houseplants, and we’re kicking off with Ceropegia woodii!

Ceropegia woodii, commonly known as string of hearts, has appeared everywhere on Instagram this year. With over 100,000 photos on the platform tagged with #StringOfHearts, these plants are proving themselves as a firm favourite houseplant for 2020!

You might know Ceropegia woodii by one of its many other common names, including:

  • Sweetheart Vine
  • Hearts Entangled
  • Chain of Hearts
  • Rosary Plant

How to grow Ceropegia woodii

Flowering time: flowers will mostly appear in the summer and autumn, however with the right care and condition flowers may appear at other times of the year. Flowers on this succulent vine are an inch long with a bulbous base and tubular corolla in shades of white and purple.

Location: great on shelves. 

Soil: well-draining soil, such as a cactus and succulent mix.

Light: bright, indirect sunlight, but it can do well in a low light setting.

Water: water sparingly, especially in the winter months. 

Care: quick and easy to grow. 


Native to South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe this succulent vine is easy to care for as a houseplant. They grow quickly, producing vines of up to 6ft long in no time. Place on a shelf in a semi-shaded location and water when the soil becomes dry to get these fantastic vines in your home! 

These plants do prefer to ‘bottom watering’. Bottom watering is a technique where you place your plant whilst still in its nursery pot in a water-filled tub or sink. The water shouldn’t be any higher than the height of the pot. The drainage holes in your nursery planter allow the water to absorb into the soil over a short period without over-saturating it.

Tip: Never let your plant stand in water for too long, as this will lead to root rot. 

If your String of Hearts is getting too long, you can give it a prune. This will help control the growth rate and allow you to try your hand at some plant propagation from the cuttings. 


Ceropegia Woodii cuttings

Propagate you Ceropegia woodii cuttings in water


Pop the cuttings, with a few leaves on, in some water and watch the roots grow. Once you see roots appear, lay the cuttings on top of a pot of well-draining soil and care for as you would a mature plant. The plants will develop bulb-like roots under the soil. You may want to consider popping several stems in a pot to create a fuller looking plant. 


Ceropegia Woodii

When was this plant discovered?

It was first discovered by John Medley Wood in 1881. Wood sent a sample of the plant to Kew Garden in 1894, where they named the plant in his honour. Woodii – literally means Wood’s Plant. 

It became popular as a houseplant in the western world in the 1940s and then was forgotten about for a while until its come-back to fame in the late 2010s. It remains a popular houseplant choice today. 


Ceropegia Woodii

What’s different about this plant?

The Ceropegia woodii is a special, small houseplant that can be grown in almost any location in the home. It offers spectacular hanging vines with a small footprint. Fitting perfectly in small and narrow spaces. 

Upkeep is minimal, allowing this plant to be popped in hard to reach areas such as the top of cupboards or high shelves. 


Ceropegia Woodii


Where you can buy a Ceropegia woodii?

Ceropeia woodii are available from many plant nurseries, or can be purchased from to be delivered direct to your door. 


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Donna now works with a team or growers and distributors in the UK and Holland to source plants, trying, where possible to get hold of more unusual cacti, succulents, and houseplants.

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