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I am a huge fan of the botanical drinks by Three Spirit. The flavours are intense, complex and the perfect balance of plant-based flavours!

They’re not only alcohol-free, but also vegan, gluten-free and shall never contain any artificial flavorings! They’re bound to lubricate any social event, either real-life or virtual, with a range of flavours to take you from getting the evening revved up to enhancing that after party slumber!

Why not watch the IGTV video and then take part in the fun quiz, as we share a glass of each Three Spirit! You could win a full set of Three Spirit drinks to try for yourself. Scroll to the bottom of the page to take part. Competition open to UK residents only. Closes on 30th October 2020.

Here’s a few extra notes on the range, call them tasting notes if you will!

The Party Starter:

Three Spirit Livener


This is beaut! I could sip on this all day long.
The complex flavours are warm and fiery, and I prefer it neat! Guayasa brings that caffeine hit, without the after-jitters.. whilst apple cider vinegar gives that biting, tart flavour.. which in turn is perfectly balanced by sweeter elements such as watermelon extract and beet sugar. The addition of schisandra berry also makes this uplifting and invigorating, altogether having a high caffeine content, this drink is your awakener! Boom!

Buy the Livener (Party Starter) here.

The Mood Booster:

Three Spirit Social Elixir


This is an excellent alternative to a G&T, it’s again complex and has an addictive bittersweet flavour.
Excellent when teamed up with ginger ale or kombucha, there’s oodles of mood-enhancing extracts in this mix, from yerba mate to lion’s mane mushroom no less! The ingredients list is overwhelmingly cool and innovative; from black carrot concentrate to coconut vinegar! The perfect lounging drink, it is sippable and has that feel good factor with proven mood-enhancing extracts!

Buy the Social Elixir (Mood Booster) here.

The Dream Maker:

Three Spirit Nightcap


Like a cup of herbal tea, this botanical drink is calming and indulgent.
Pour it into a comfy mug and drink this as the party cools down, an impressive set of ingredients makes this the best mix for restful sleep too- lemon balm, valerian and hops to name a few! Ashwaganda also relaxes the body and mind, and a blend of tree saps and spices add to the fun! Even the colour is wholesome, warming and like a massive hug in a cup!

Buy the Nightcap (Dream Maker) here.


Three Spirit Livener - Michael Perry


Thanks for joining me on my botanical drinking journey, I hope you’ll choose a few for a hangover-free hoedown this winter!


The quiz

Watch my IGTV video below and use the form at the bottom of the page to fill in your answers! You could win a full set of Three Spirit drinks by taking part.



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