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I have found an excellent new way to grow veg in any space, and I put it to the test with a bit of a ‘roasted vegetable mix’!




Vegepod have taken the industry and home garden world by storm, their amazing vegepod is like a mobile allotment and has been super popular. But, now, they’re made growing your own even easier with the vegebag, a mini climate-controlled allotment for the balcony or patio!

I planted mine up with the addition of Natural Grower soil enhancer for best results! You can see the plant-up video below:



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I packed a lot into my vegebag, with a chili plant, squash and tomato! The lid of the vegebag is like dense mesh, which protects your crops from any pests, plus the extra warmth will accelerate your crops too! It cleverly also allows water to get into the vegebag, meaning you can take full advantage of rainfall!




I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my veg crops began to grow. I was giving two weekly updates on my IGTV, and before long I was harvesting my first sweet red tomatoes! Now, anyone that knows me will know I hate unripe, acidic tomatoes from the supermarket, so these really got my vote!




I was soon harvesting chillies too, but sadly the short english summer growing season meant my squash didn’t quite make it! However, my tomatoes and chillies were regularly used for bolognese sauce and such!


Even later in the summer, there are things you can plan into a Vegebag. Here, Michael has planted some last minute chilli peppers, and some Mediterranean-style herbs. The enclosed environment will make quick work of this crop! See more late summer planting in this video.


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