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Do you know someone who is hyper about Hydrangeas, obsessed with Orchids or crazy for composting? They’ll adore my collection of t-shirts, jumpers and accessories at the Mr Plant Geek Shop!

There really is something for every plant lover here, from Plant Parents (whether they’re plant lovers with children, or whose plants are their children) to those who like a cheeky giggle about rude plant names (there are many!).

There has also been so much going on at the shop in recent months: we’ve created exclusive collaborations with independent artists, and got super nostalgic with some retro music references…


Rubus cockburnianus

Rubus cockburnianus t-shirt, £24

A Rude Botany bestseller, we’ve sold more of these t-shirts than we’ve seen this actual plant!


Choose plants

Choose Plants t-shirt, £24

I think you all know what this shirt is in reference to… but it now has a horticultural twist!


Eat sleep buy plants repeat

Eat Sleep Buy Plants Repeat t-shirt, £24

Iconic slogan, iconic colour. Want to wear this to a rave in my greenhouse?


Please don't ask me to design your garden

Please Don’t Ask Me To t-shirt, £24

Can you tell that I get asked this a lot? If you know a plant lover, they can probably relate…


Hydrangea t-shirt

Hydrangea by Sarah Jane Humphrey, £30

Our latest collab is with botanical artist Sarah Jane Humphrey, and it includes this beautiful hydrangea illustration!


What’s your favourite pick from the Mr Plant Geek Shop?

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